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About Illinois
Water, Water Everywhere

With the 25th largest land area of all the U.S. states, Illinois is incredibly diverse. Over those 93,000 square miles nearly 4,000 square miles is made up of water. While Lake Michigan is the largest body of water in the state, there are 154 other lakes in the state as well. Waterways connect Illinois the Atlantic Ocean via the Saint Lawrence Seaway and the Mississippi River via the Illinois Waterway to the Illinois River.

City or Country Living

The northern area of the state that is the most densely populated region of the state. Central Illinois is man up of prairie that is the heartland and Southern Illinois and is focused on agriculture. The southern river region has the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. It also has agriculture, but you'll also find mineral and gas operations there.

How's the Weather

The climate is mostly continental with humid and hot summers and very cold winters. There are distinct seasons with spring and fall considered the most pleasant. The lakes, especially Lake Michigan, tend to help maintain a more temperate climate near their shores.

The Living is Easy for Travelers

Lakes can be found throughout the state. The locales can fit many tastes form urban to suburban to very rural. With six major and eight regional airports, you're never far from an easy lake commute. With a strong and diverse economy, Illinois has many desirable lake communities, which offer an array of choices for every desired lifestyle.