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About Pennsylvania
Expansive Shorelines and 2000+ Lakes

Pennsylvania offers a surprising amount of shoreline and waterfront real estate for a landlocked state that borders six others.

This state boasts 51 miles of coastline along Lake Erie.

The rest of the state's impressive amount of shoreline comes from its 2,500 lakes!

For Fun and Function

The majority of Pennsylvania's lakes are man-made impoundments, created for a variety of economic reasons ranging from ice production in the late 1800s to hydroelectric power in the 1920s.

Only 50 of the state's lakes are natural glacial lakes, which began forming nearly 10,000 years ago.

Miles of Open Water to Enjoy

Lake Erie and 17,088-acre Pymatuning Lake are among Pennsylvania's largest and most popular tourist lakes.

Also topping the list of fan-favorites is Lake Wallenpauack, the state's third largest lake by size and its largest lake real estate market by total value.

This body of water is located just minutes from Scranton and is convenient to both New York and New Jersey, as well.

Popular among anglers, Lake Wallenpaupack also boasts a hearty fishing scene, stocked full of small and largemouth bass, catfish, walleye and rainbow trout.

The lake is also a hub for water recreation with its five public boat ramps and multiple marinas along its 52 miles of shoreline.

Camping is also a popular lake past-time in Pennsylvania, specifically on Pymatuning Lake, which has the most number of campgrounds in the state.

And Lake Erie welcomes droves of lake lovers each year to enjoy nearby Presque Isle State Park, yachting and relaxing on its sandy beaches.

Close to Major Metropolitan Areas

Numerous lakes in Pennsylvania are located in close proximity to a big city.

All-sports Conneaut Lake is located less than 100 miles from Pittsburgh where visitors can tour Bicycle Heaven, a museum featuring all things bikes!

Lake lovers can also visit Echo Dell Indian Echo Caverns near Harrisburg, just an hour and 15 minutes from Locust Lake.

Or stay in the Pocono Mountains in the Arrowhead Lakes community.

This private, gated community is just two hours from Philadelphia, New York City and New Jersey.

Your Next Home Sweet Home

With more than 2,000 lakes to drop a line into, finding the next place to hang your hat will be easy.

If you love lakes, mountains, and the outdoors, Pennsylvania is the place for you.