South Carolina

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About South Carolina
Many Lakes, Large and Small

South Carolina is dotted with more than 30 lakes.

These bodies of water range in size from tiny, 13-acre Lake Placid in the upcountry to expansive Lake Marion, which covers almost 110,000 acres in the lowlands.

Ten of South Carolina's lakes are larger than 10,000 acres, and in total, the state's lakes cover more than 700 square miles.

Lakes With History

While many lakes in South Carolina are natural bodies of water, several of the larger reservoirs in the state were man-made during the Great Depression.

Their creation was part of a federal program which provided electricity to the rural South.

Many of these lakes still provide power to the state, including Fishing Creek Lake near Lancaster.

A World-Class Fishing Destination

South Carolina lakes are popular among anglers across the U.S.

More than 350 tournaments are hosted on these lakes each year, like the Iron Man Open on Lake Murray.

In addition to the state's top-notch bass fishing, South Carolina offers excellent fishing for striped bass, crappie, catfish, walleye and trout.

Excellent State Parks, Recreational Opportunities, Abundant Wildlife

Almost every major lake in this state is bordered by one of its 23 state parks.

Even better, there is no spot in the state that is more than an hour from a lake!

South Carolina offers excellent bodies of water for boating, fishing and scuba diving as well as provides a vast collection of natural wonders and cultural treasures.

Additionally, lake lovers will find plenty of campgrounds, cabins, beaches, meeting facilities, hiking and biking trails to enjoy there.

South Carolina also has some of the best birding on the East Coast.

Feel Right at Home with Mother Nature

Whether you prefer a mountainside setting in the upcountry, or a moss-draped spot in the lowlands, there's a piece of land on a South Carolina lake for you.