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About New Hampshire

 New Hampshire is rated historically as one of the most tax-friendly states to live in, and it is easy to see why many lake home buyers flock to New Hampshire. New Hampshire, also known as the White Mountain state, is named so because of the White Mountain range that runs through it. There is plenty for residents to discover in the beautiful state of New Hampshire. 

 One of the most significant landmarks in New Hampshire that residents can explore is the White Mountains, as mentioned earlier. Mount Washington, the biggest of these mountains, stands at a whopping 6,288.2 feet tall and is the highest point in New England. New Hampshire is also home to numerous forests, such as Mount Major State Forest and Annett State Forest. 

 Potential buyers have plenty of options when choosing a lake home in New Hampshire. With over 800 lakes, potential buyers can take their time and find the perfect lake. The most popular lake in New Hampshire, and also its largest, is Lake Winnipesaukee, which spans 44,000 acres and has 288 miles of shoreline, meaning that it always has room for new residents. 

 With its fascinating landscape and overwhelming choice of lakes, New Hampshire is a fantastic choice for any potential lake home buyer.