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About Nebraska
Triply Landlocked

Nebraska, the 16th largest ranked state in area, in the United States is over 77,220 square miles of land in the midwestern Great Plains. The state is home to almost 1.9 million people and is also the only triply landlocked state in the country. This means to reach any sort of ocean, gulf or bay from Nebraska, you'd have to travel north, south, or west through three states to get to reach either the Hudson Bay, the Gulf of Mexico, or the Pacific Ocean.

Dozens of Lakes

Nebraska may be triply landlocked; however, the landscape of the Cornhusker state is dotted with lakes, rivers and streams, providing all types of watery fun for residents and visitors of all ages. The state also has fairly uniform temperatures, with hot summers and generally cold winters. With such major temperature variations in the seasonal changes every year, you can count on cooling off in a lake or river in the summertime and enjoying the snow in the wintertime!

Nebraska is home to more than two dozen lakes, both naturally formed and man-made impoundments. Many of these lakes are known for their recreational amenities like vacation homes and campgrounds and several of the man-made lakes were created to provide drinking water to nearby cities and towns.

Four of the Nation's Best Lakes Found Here

In 2015, FOUR of Nebraska's lakes made it on the annual list of the top 100 family-friendly boating and fishing lakes in the United States. The list is compiled by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation and the public votes, nationwide, on the lakes during a five-week period to rank them. Nebraska consistently has a lake or two make this list, however 2015 was the most ever with four lakes making the top 100

The state's largest reservoir, Lake McConaughy, with 35,500 acres and 76 miles of shoreline, was voted number 14 on the list of the top 100 family-friendly boating and fishing lakes in the U.S. "Big Mac" as local residents call it, not only has plenty of room for fishing, but also has lovely white sand beaches and lots of opportunity for swimming, boating, and other water sports.

Lake McConaughy is one of the state's best fisheries for walleye and white bass, but also has several other fish species to catch. The lake hosts several annual walleye fishing tournaments and an annual catfish tournament in addition to an annual windsurfing competition and annual sailboat regatta. A family favorite event on this lake is the sand-castle building contest. Even if you do not participate, it is entertaining to see the amazing creations made entirely from sand.

The other three lakes which made the top 100 family-friendly boating and fishing lakes in the United States were: Harlan County Reservoir, voted at number 28; Lake Wanahoo voted at number 47; and Two Rivers State Recreation Area voted in at number 73.

The Perfect State for Outdoor Enthusiasts

You may not think of Nebraska as the place to bring your boat and water skis, but the Cornhusker state has more than two dozen lakes and several rivers to interest you. The majority of the state's lakes are well-known for their recreational amenities from beautiful lakefront homes, to some of the best fishing in the country. There are also a handful of lakes that are part of nature preserves, where you can escape into the quiet of nature. No matter what type of lake atmosphere you are craving, Nebraska has something for you.