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Redwing Slough Lake


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Redwing Slough Lake, Illinois

Redwing Slough Lake real estate is a limited supply market for lake homes and land in Illinois.

About Redwing Slough Lake
Near the Wisconsin-Illinois State Border

Redwing Slough Lake is a 203-acre glacial lake located in the well-known Lake County, Illinois. This lake is situated just east of Antioch and sits conveniently below the Wisconsin and Illinois state border. This area is especially popular because of its proximity to the famous Chain O’Lakes region and other popular Lake County attractions.

Scenic Views

A noteworthy and unique aspect of living on Redwing Slough Lake is its excellent habitat for birds, mammals, and other wildlife. The Lake County Health Department noted that they observed a fair amount of birds on Redwing Slough Lake, especially noteworthy are the Sandhill Cranes, which are a threatened species.

Hunting and Outdoor Recreation

This makes it an excellent stop for waterfowl hunters due to the high population of birds on Redwing Slough Lake. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has a unique waterfowl hunting program that helps provide hunters with a quality hunting experience.

Hunting is so popular on this lake that hunters must enter a lottery each year to determine who is given a chance to hunt in the Redwing Slough Lake area.

On the southern shores of Redwing Slough Lake is the Redwing Slough Forest Preserve. This wildlife area houses a large portion of the birds that attract so many people to the city.

Also, the Raven Glen Forest Preserve sits just down the road. This preserve is 575 acres of scenic trails for biking, hiking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, and fishing. Amenities include picnic tables, a fishing pier, and parking, to name a few.

Nearby Shops and Attractions

Redwing Slough Lake is located in the state’s hotspot for lake tourism. Sitting less than 15 minutes from the 7,000-acre Chain O’Lakes waterway system, Redwing Slough Lake residents can enjoy the nearby restaurants, shops, and entertainment that sit on the lakes.

Experience the Best Aspects of Lake Living

Whether you are looking to buy a family home, a full-time retirement residence, or a vacation rental, Redwing Slough Lake is an excellent choice.