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About New York
Short Drive From a Lake, No Matter Where In the State!

New York, the 27th largest state in the country, is home to more than 7,600 lakes, ponds, and reservoirs.

Additionally, the 54,556 square mile state borders two of the Great Lakes: Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

Lakes of Function and Fun

These bodies of water serve many purposes that range from serving as beautiful backdrops for lakefront homes, to providing flood control by protecting life and property.

Other functions include power generation and manufacturing and supporting the state's recreational tourism.

Natural Beauties

Glacial lakes, like the two Great Lakes bordering New York, and historic Lake Placid began forming nearly 10,000 years ago. Over time, glacial ice sheets eroded the land which then filled as they melted.

The glacial lakes of New York are known for their crystal clear, high quality, deep waters.

Man-Made for More Than 200 Years

Other lakes and reservoirs in New York are man-made impoundments that were built beginning in the early 1800s.

Made for various economic and commercial reasons, these impoundments are still being formed and improved upon today.

Findley Lake is one of New Yorkapos;s oldest dammed bodies of water.

The 292-acre lake was created in 1815 by a Revolutionary War veteran to power his mill.

A more modern example is Pepacton Reservoir.

Completed in 1954, this reservoir is one of a series of reservoirs that delivers drinking water to the people of New York City.

Year-Round Lakeside Happenings

The lakes of New York can be enjoyed all year, no matter the season.

Popular summertime recreations include swimming, fishing, boating and hiking.

Warm weather lake patrons also enjoy camping, canoeing, water skiing, beach going and kayaking.

In the winter, ice fishing, ice skating, snow skiing, and snowboarding are commonly enjoyed.

Additionally, many of these lakes are surrounded by fabulous restaurants, theatres and wineries like Lakeshore Winery on Cayuga Lake.

New York Lake State of Mind

No matter where you are in the state of New York, you are almost always just a short drive away from one of the state's numerous gorgeous lakes.

Owning a home on one of these enchanting bodies of water will transform your every day into a life you will never need a vacation from.

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