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About Iowa
Their Own Great Lakes

The Iowa Great Lakes refer to eight or nine natural glacial lakes in northwest Iowa. The largest lake is Spirit Lake. It covers 5,684 acres and has around forty species of fish. The smallest lake is Upper Gar Lake at only 37 acres and an average depth of 3.5 feet.

Wonderful Winter, Splendid Summer

Each of Iowa's four seasons are a fantastic experience. With one of the most beautiful autumn seasons in the country, the scenery is something you will find yourself enjoying on every road in the state. Summer time is when most families take vacations, as the majority of schools in Iowa are not in session. Winter is by far the coldest season in the state, however there are still plenty of activities to do outside, just remember to dress warmly. Popular favorites include ice skating, sledding, and ice fishing.

Fun in the Sun, Smart in the Schools

Iowa lakes are perfect for a number of activities. Fishing and wind surfing are popular in the summer, Iowa's warmest season. Lakes are a popular way for people to cool off from temperatures that climb well into the nineties in the peak of summer. Even with all the statewide fun events like RAGBRAI, the Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, residents still manage to rank some of the top ACT and SAT scores and also have some of the highest literacy rates in the United States.