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Griswold Lake


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Griswold Lake, Illinois

Griswold Lake real estate is considered a beautiful, but lesser known, market for lake homes and lake lots in Illinois.

Griswold Lake homes for sale have an average list price of $187,000, with many great homes at higher and lower prices.

About Griswold Lake
Located in the Suburbs North of Chicago

Griswold Lake is located next to the Holiday Hills Village in McHenry County, Illinois. While it is part of the Chicagoland Area, its rustic landscapes give residents a down-home feel.

The lake is less than 10 miles from Crystal Lake or McHenry, where you will find restaurants, shops, and schools, along with the Northwestern Medicine McHenry Hospital.

It is approximately 30 miles from the O’Hare International Airport in Central Chicago.

Recreation and Relaxation

Griswold Lake features 141 acres of smooth, tranquil waters. It is a beautiful scene to overlook and just as enjoyable for kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.

It has a maximum depth of 12 feet and holds populations of bluegill, largemouth bass, white crappie, and yellow perch.

The Fox River is another fishing attraction in the area. Public access points are located on either side of Burton’s Bridge.

Adventures in Chicago

Whether you are looking to spend the day out with the family or a night out on the town, the options are endless in Chicago.

Lincoln Park Zoo, Shedd Aquarium, Skydeck Chicago, Navy Pier, and Oak Street Beach are popular attractions.

Its restaurants offer a variety of cuisines and dining spaces. Dubbed one of America’s best cities for nightlife, Chicago features bars, clubs, and entertainment of all kinds.

Convenient for Everyone

Griswold Lake is a great location for a family or couple who enjoys the outdoors but also has a taste for the city.