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About Idaho
The Gem of the Pacific Northwest

Idaho, also called the Gem State, is a mountainous state in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S.

Known for large swaths of protected wilderness and diversity of outdoor recreation, Idaho's landscape is beautifully rugged. It has some of the most broad, unspoiled areas in the country.

A Natural Wonderland

Idaho also has some of the most varied landscapes in North America. The sites are truly breathtaking.

The terrain is marked by snow-capped mountains, major rivers—the Snake, Clearwater and Salmon Rivers to name a few—swift rapids, vast lakes and plunging canyons.

State parks are made up of sparkling, turquoise lakes with mountains looming in the background. Idaho's abundance of trout fishing streams, not to mention the expansive reservoirs that are full of King Salmon and steelhead, attract eager anglers from all over.

Perhaps one of the most impressive and stunning attractions is the Route of the Hiawatha.

More than 15 miles of railroad track was converted to a beautiful, downhill hiking and biking trail. It features ten tunnels and seven sky-high bridges—some soaring to 230 feet in the air—that wind in and out of towering evergreens and over canyons and rivers.

Heights not your thing? Not to worry, there are bike trails that ease through lush valleys as well.

Shoshone Falls rises to 212 feet, which is higher than Niagara Falls. There are also 400-foot-high sand dunes, wind-carved rock formations and world-famous natural hot springs.

Make the Great Outdoors Your Home

Idaho is an awe-inspiring natural wonderland filled with Mother Nature's most premier gifts. Choosing to invest in a lake home here would be diving head-first into the beauty of the great outdoors.