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About Virginia
The Mother of States has Lots of Lakes

The state of Virginia has more than 60 scenic natural and man-made lakes to offer its visitors.

From inlets hidden among the Blue Ridge Mountains to expansive bodies of water leading to the Atlantic Ocean, Virginia has something for everyone.

Natural VS. Man-Made

Of Virginia's 61-odd lakes, only two were made by mother nature.

The rest of Virginia's lakes have been built over the years for various industrial and economic reasons.

The first man-made lakes in the state were created to power gristmills and to aid in limestone grinding for plaster production.

Today, these lakes are used for hydropower production, flood control, cooling water for power plants and for providing the state with drinking water.

Large, Small and Everything in Between

Two of Virginia's largest public bodies of water are John H. Kerr Reservoir and Smith Mountain Lake.

Together, these lakes have nearly 1,500 miles of shoreline between them and cover more than 50,000 acres.

On a smaller scale, Virginia also has more intimate-sized lakes, like Lake Caroline, which has a surface area of only 277 acres.

Plenty of Things to Do Near the Water

Not only do Virginia lakes offer breathtaking views and crystal clear waters, they provide every opportunity for area residents to enjoy lake living at its finest.

Lake lovers can enjoy time honored lake activities like swimming, tubing and water skiing, as well as year-round fishing in Virginia.

In the summers, anglers can catch their fill of various varieties of bass, crappie and sunfish. In the wintertime, blue catfish, stripers and bream are popular catches.

For off-the-water fun, many Virginia lakes are located in close proximity to some of the state's most popular cities.

Though not technically in Virginia, Washington D.C. is located just 83 miles from Lake Anna, and Lake Gaston is less than 2 hours from Richmond.

Your Next Adventure Starts Here

Whether it's a home away from home, a retirement community, or a cottage rental you're looking for, you can find any style of living among the lakes of Virginia.