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About Montana

 Montana has been ranked as the second happiest state in the U.S., and it’s easy to see why. Known as ‘Big Sky Country,’ Montana is famous for its stunning skyline, made possible by its limited cities and urban developments. Few states can compete with the natural beauty of Montana. 

 Complementing its skyline, Montana is home to some of America’s greatest national parks. 

 From Glacier National Park to Yellowstone, residents have many opportunities to explore the natural wonders Montana has to offer. 

 There is a multitude of lake options across Montana for potential residents to choose from. 

 With a total of 3,233 lakes, there are beautiful lakes located across the state. The largest lake markets include Flathead, Whitefish, Eagle, Ashley, and Swan lakes. 

 One of Montana’s most popular lakes is Flathead Lake, which spans nearly 200 square miles. Flathead is connected to both Flathead and Wild Horse State Parks, as well as several orchards that allow visitors to pick their own Flathead cherries. 

 With natural wonders to see and many lake houses to choose from, there is never a better time to come settle down in gorgeous Montana.