Selling your lake home can be challenging when you don’t understand the importance of proper pricing. Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn Phillips, shares five pricing mistakes sellers must “get over.”

  1. What You Paid for the Property: Buyers do not care what you paid for your property. Your pricing must be based on the current market, and not the one when you bought it.
  2. Prices of Nearby Homes for Sale: Ignore the prices of nearby homes that have been on the market for some time. These unsold homes are more than likely overpriced.
  3. Your Personal Effort: Just because you have put personal effort into your home doesn’t mean the market price will reflect what you feel it’s worth.
  4. Rumors of High Sales Prices: Outliers do exist, but you shouldn’t overprice your home because of them. Use the average sales prices as a guideline.
  5. Taking Low Offers Personally: Disregarding low offers can close the door on potential opportunities. Be sure to respond in order to begin the negotiation process.

Your lake home will never leave the market if you don’t do the proper research when listing it. Sell it for the right price in this real estate market now with these tips so you’ll know what to avoid!


It’s no secret that we’re the nation’s largest lake-focused real estate brokerage. Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn Phillips, explains why real estate agents choose Lake Homes Realty.

Specialization: With a market full of agents, specializing is important to stand out from competitors. The lake homes market is extremely popular, and a great one to specialize in.
Market Reach: is shown to millions of potential clients a year. Our website will allow you to expand your clientele by reaching consumers all across the nation.
Technology: Our in-house technology allows you to effectively manage and personalize your interactions with buyers/sellers.
High-Quality Clients: Because targets consumers specifically interested in buying/selling a lake home, the leads generated are of exceptional quality.
Support: Agent support is a top priority, even though we are highly virtual. There will always be a person on the other end of the line when you need assistance.
Alignment: We connect buyers and sellers to agents that will best fit their lake buying needs. This alignment will inevitably be beneficial to all three parties, as everyone’s needs will be met.

From quality lead generation to specialized tools to aid in client management, joining Lake Homes Realty just makes sense. Join us and propel your real estate career to heights once unimaginable!


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