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Winter 2018 Update to the Lake Real Estate Market Report Released

real estate market report cover pageLake Homes Realty has released the Winter 2018 update to the firm’s proprietary Lake Real Estate Market Report.

Covering more than 650 lake real estate markets across 13 states through the Southeast, Southwest, Northern, and Northeast United States, the report is the nation’s most comprehensive look at these lake real estate markets.

This edition of the report has data from Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

This is the second report to include trending data that shows how markets compare to the winter of the prior year!

A “Must Read” for Lake Home Buyers and Sellers

real estate market report data sheet

“Anyone who is considering buying or selling a lake home or lots in any of these 13 states will find this to be a ‘must read’ report,” notes Brian Cauble, Lake Homes Realty’s Director of Market Engagement.

Cauble and Tom Wofford are co-authors of the report, which includes 59 pages of rankings for market sizes, most expensive home and land markets, and most affordable home and land markets.

Previous editions of this report have been a valuable resource for lake home and land buyers and sellers.

The report has also been popular with a number of local and regional news outlets, as well as a growing number of visitor and convention bureaus.

The full report is available at no charge for lake real estate buyers and sellers, as well as media use.

To obtain a free copy of this report, visit




Springtime Front Door Makeovers You’ll Love

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Spring is a time to renew, refresh and revive your lake home. Give your front door a face lift with these fresh and fun ideas!

Pick a Color, Any Color

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for any space, but instead of just touching up the scuffs on your front door, consider painting it an entirely new color.

Lake homes often serve as summer homes, so why not add bright pop of color to your vacation spot?

Green Front Door and window frame

Popular lake-themed colors include vibrant blues and bright greens, which are reminiscent of the lakescape. Many homeowners also opt for a sunny yellow color to greet guests as they arrive for a day on the water.

These colors are not only aesthetically pleasing, they can influence how your guests feel.

According to a previous article, yellow promotes feelings of joy, happiness and positive energy. Similarly, green can also energize a room, as well as promote feelings of togetherness when used in communal spaces.

Blue is a calming color, which promotes relaxation and serenity.

Primary lake home residents can also benefit from a freshly painted front door, but might consider choosing a more season-neutral color such as red or muted earth tones.

Complete your front porch re-fresh by tying in your new front door color with accents such as a patterned porch swing cushion or door mat that features it.

Add Texture and Depth

For a front door that truly makes a statement, try adding stripes or a chevron pattern to the mix.

For beach homes and other waterfront retreats, try painting alternating color and white stripes running vertically up and down your door. Or add a single, thick “Charlie Brown” chevron strip to near the bottom of it.

If your door is paneled or has a glass window, consider framing each section with an accent color different from the main one. This will add dimension to the otherwise flat surface.

Painting the frame around the door a different color than the door itself will also helped to add depth to your doorstep.

After the paint has dried, accessorize the space with a new knocker or door handle.

Finish it all off by adding raised metal, or vinyl applique address numbers or a greeting message like “hello” or “welcome.”

A Door for all Seasons

Of course, painting isn’t for everyone. For homeowners who choose to leave their front doors their original color, adding a seasonal wreath can help make their homes look more festive and inviting.

Though some can be pretty extravagant, making a Spring wreath doesn’t have to be a difficult undertaking.

For your base, start with a basic grapevine wreath. These wreaths are the ones that look like wooden vines all entangled in a circle and can be found at Walmart and your local craft stores.

Next, select a handful of large-bloom flowers and a few accent stems to intertwine with the vines. These items will often be found near where you got your base.

Trim the flower stems down to about five inches and insert them into various spaces on the base. Secure each flower by looping its stem through the open space a few times.

Floral Wreath with Sign

Repeat this action with the accent stems, and within minutes you have the perfect accessory for your front door!

Another simple wreath only takes hot glue, a wreath base, and a few flower buds.

Near the grapevine wreaths at your local craft store you can find wooden wreath bases, which feature pre-cut holes into which flowers can be inserted.

To complete this type of wreath, remove your flowers from their stems and hot glue them to the base, and that’s it!

Add something a little extra by hanging a greeting sign in the middle of the completed piece.


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Lake Homes Realty Moves to Larger Headquarters

January 25, 2018

Lake Homes Realty’s brokerage operations are rapidly expanding into new states across the U.S., but the company’s market footprint isn’t the only thing that has grown. Not only did the company add brokerage operations in seven more states in 2017, they added more members to their corporate and operations teams. All this growth prompted a […]

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Lake Dates Your Valentine Will Love

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Fresh Fish Recipes You’ve Got to Try

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Sure, a lot of burgers and hot dogs get grilling at the lake, but what about the fish?! Perhaps the most popular way to prepare fresh fish is to fry it. After all, fish fries are as iconic as a good, old-fashion cookout when it comes to lake living, but aside from deep fried, there […]

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Lake Homes Realty Enters Great Lakes Region

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Alabama-based Lake Homes Realty has expanded to the Great Lakes region, with brokerage operations now in the state of Michigan. As a licensed brokerage in Michigan, Lake Homes Realty now operates on four of the five Great Lakes, including Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Lake Superior. This area boasts prosperous lake real estate […]

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Merry Christmas 2017 from Lake Homes Realty!

December 21, 2017

Merry Christmas from all the team at Lake Homes Realty!   Thank you to everyone who helped make this a record-breaking year at Lake Homes Realty. May your holiday season be filled with joy and laughter, family and friends, and good times at your favorite lake! Merry Christmas!               […]

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