Whiteboard Topics: Has The Lake Real Estate Market Shifted?

Nothing in this world is stagnant, and that includes the lake real estate market. Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn Phillips, gives four tell-tale signs that the market is shifting.

  1. Inventory Increases: There is an uptick of homes on the market, which has been a positive shift in available inventory.
  2. Days-on-Market: The average time a home spends on the market is beginning to increase. The longer homes sit on the market, the more time buyers have to evaluate their options. 
  3. Price Cuts: The combination of increased inventory and growing day-on-market is leading sellers to cut down their prices; a trend we haven’t seen in the past few years. 
  4. Surge of ‘Better Hurry’s’: In an attempt to maximize profit, surges of sellers are putting their homes on the market while it’s still in their favor. 

As the world around us changes, so will the real estate market. The best way to secure your investment is to recognize these signs and plan your buying/selling strategy around them.

Whiteboard Topics: Selling? 4 Advantages Of Hiring A Lake Homes Realty Agent

When selling your home, you want the best of the best on your side. Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn Phillips, explains why listing with a Lake Homes Agent is the number one option.

  1. More Buyers: Most agents are well-versed in their local market, but our agents have access to buyers around the country. Having a larger pool of buyers makes selling your home all the easier.
  2. Pricing Intel: Your competition doesn’t end with the home next door. Buyers are vetting lake locations across the nation, and our lake homes agents have the pricing intel to ensure your home has the advantage.
  3. Become a Featured Property: Listing with a Lake Homes Realty Agent is the only way for your property to be featured on the Lakehomes.com website. Your home will be given priority exposure to our target audience.
  4. National Network: Our real estate agents are an interconnected group that is committed to helping you buy/sell a home. If one agent cannot find a property for a buyer, they will refer them to another lake homes agent; one of which could be yours.

These are only a few advantages available to you when listing with a Lake Homes Realty Agent. When deciding to sell your lake home, it only makes sense to go with a lake expert!

Whiteboard Topics: 4 Reasons To Not Buy A Lake Home Right Now

Buying a lake home is a big commitment, so you have to be sure the timing is right. Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn Phillips, shares 4 reasons why you may want to postpone purchasing your dream lake home.

  1. Peak-ish Prices: We are still at the peak of the real estate market. Because of the high demand/ low supply of homes and growing interest rates, now may not be the best time to invest in a home.
  2. Patience Required: Competition for lake homes is at an all-time high which will make it difficult for you to get the home of your dreams. It may be best to avoid the hassle of waiting for the perfect property until demand starts to slow.
  3. Time: Taking on a new lake home is exciting, but it doesn’t come without its maintenance. If you don’t have the time to go between two homes, travel to and from the lake, and do general upkeep, now may not be the time to take on the responsibility.
  4. Chapter of Life: Before you buy, it’s important to assess what chapter of life you are in. Are you ready for a change in pace and to relax by the lake, or are you still heavily involved in your job and other time-consuming activities?

‘Not now’ doesn’t mean ‘Not ever’. Wait to buy your dream home until the market is right, and you feel ready to take on the long-term commitment of lake living. You’ll find that the perfect home is worth the wait!

Whiteboard Topics: 6 Reasons Real Estate Agents Choose Lake Homes Realty

It’s no secret that we’re the nation’s largest lake-focused real estate brokerage. Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn Phillips, explains why real estate agents choose Lake Homes Realty.

Specialization: With a market full of agents, specializing is important to stand out from competitors. The lake homes market is extremely popular, and a great one to specialize in.
Market Reach: LakeHomes.com is shown to millions of potential clients a year. Our website will allow you to expand your clientele by reaching consumers all across the nation.
Technology: Our in-house technology allows you to effectively manage and personalize your interactions with buyers/sellers.
High-Quality Clients: Because LakeHomes.com targets consumers specifically interested in buying/selling a lake home, the leads generated are of exceptional quality.
Support: Agent support is a top priority, even though we are highly virtual. There will always be a person on the other end of the line when you need assistance.
Alignment: We connect buyers and sellers to agents that will best fit their lake buying needs. This alignment will inevitably be beneficial to all three parties, as everyone’s needs will be met.

From quality lead generation to specialized tools to aid in client management, joining Lake Homes Realty just makes sense. Join us and propel your real estate career to heights once unimaginable!

Lake Homes Realty Honored by Auburn for 4th Consecutive Year

Glenn S. Phillips could be spotted playing the tuba with the Auburn University Marching Band when not taking computer engineering classes. Today, he is CEO of Lake Homes Realty, the nation’s largest lake-focused real estate company. The Harbert College of Business at Auburn University named Lake Homes Realty one of Auburn’s “Top Tigers” for the fourth consecutive year. The 2021 Top Tigers awards recognize the fastest-growing companies founded, owned, or led by Auburn University alumni.

“Auburn University taught me a great deal about business and life in general,” said Glenn Phillips, CEO and Lead Economic Analyst at Lake Homes Realty. “To be honored as a Top Tiger four years in a row is the result of hard work and an innovative approach to lake real estate. Lake Homes Realty provides full-service, multi-state real estate brokerage services in 32 states with more states on the way. LakeHomes.com has more than 70,000 lake properties listed, totaling $30 billion.” In addition to the Top Tiger recognition from Auburn University, Inc. Magazine also has ranked Lake Homes Realty as one of the fastest-growing companies for the past four years.  www.lakehomes.com.

Lake Homes Realty was honored as one of the top medium-revenue companies in the Top Tigers awards. Honorees must be led by an Auburn alumnus, been in business for at least four full years, have revenue of more than $500,000, and operate in a manner consistent with The Auburn Creed. Top Tigers are evaluated on year-over-year growth.

2020 Lake Homes Realty Summit Awards

2020 Lake Homes Realty Summit

Lake Homes Realty held the 2020 National Virtual Summit, October 14-15. The teleconference covered 2020 performance statistics, training, and a look at operational planning for 2021.

CEO Glenn Phillips spoke at length on the record-breaking numbers the organization has posted despite the myriad of COVID-19 challenges. COO Doris Phillips provided a compliance overview and spoke on operational targets for 2021. Marketing Director Mark Griggs gave an overview of the company’s present marketing structure and services, including the new marketing automation platform’s launch and a look at new services for the coming year.

Guest speaker Zane Tarance, managing director and partner of Founders Advisors, provided insight into thriving in today’s marketplace. Anoop Mishra, regional executive and vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, spoke about the present financial marketplace and gave a forward look at what we might expect in 2021.

Overall sales performance was recognized for the agents of Lake Homes Realty during the event. Tremendous growth has been realized across the company’s present thirty state footprint in 2020.

Agents qualifying for the company’s Aqua Award have $3.5 million in revenue but not exceeding $10 million for the year. They are:

Aleace & Calvin Cappelle – Lake Limestone, TX

Brian Kincaid, II – Tellico Lake, TN

Bruce Erskine – Lake Blue Ridge, GA

Bruce Jones – Lake LBJ, TX

Carol Vandyke – Lake Marion, SC

Carole Bryson – High Rock Lake, NC

Cat Thornton – Lake Murray, SC

Cindy Anderson – Lake Michigan, Traverse City Area

Cindy Lanham – Lake Brownwood, TX

Cindy Myrex – Lewis Smith Lake, AL

Connie Nealy – Lake Hartwell, GA

Deb Groom – Lake Travis, TX

Deb Short & Heather Leslie – Dale Hollow Lake, TN

Emily Carter Morris – Lake Whitney, TX

Glenn Fisher – Lake Hickory, NC

Greg Adams – Jordan Lake, AL

Holly Blanchette – Chain O’ Lakes, IL

J.W. Hightower – Lewis Smith Lake, AL

Jason Hightower – Lake Texoma, OK

Jerry Moomaw – Lake Palestine, TX

Jill Baugus – Lake Lanier, GA

Jill Botos – Richard B. Russell Lake, GA

Jim Williams – Fort Loudoun, TN

Jo Lynn Miller – Possum Kingdom Lake, TX

John Dinos – Lake Burton, GA

John Franklin – Lake Martin, AL

John Robert Elliot – Lewis Smith Lake, AL

Karen Packett – Tellico Lake, TN

Kim Clark – Lake Greenwood, SC

Kristie Anderson – Lake Marion, SC

Kurt Hauseman – Lake Michigan, New Buffalo Area

Linda & David Hanf – Lake Wallenpaupack, PA

Marie Skillern – Wheeler Lake, AL

Melinda Edwards – Lewis Smith Lake, AL

Michael Murphy – Lake Murray, SC

Pam Bowman – Lewis Smith Lake, AL

Pam DeBlasio – Lake Livingston, TX

Patricia Mathis – Tims Ford Lake, TN

Peggy Overstreet – Smith Mountain Lake, VA

Rachelle McClard – Lake Hamilton, AR

Rebecca Brewer – Skiatook Lake, OK

Rhonda Lettow – Lake of the Ozarks, MO

Sheila Howell – Deep Creek Lake, MD

Stephanie Millard – Lay Lake, AL

Stephanie Mueller – Cedar Creek Lake, TX

Tara Biesboer – Canyon Lake, TX

Terri Gates McIlravy – Norris Lake, TN

Tommy Clark – Cedar Creek Lake, TX

Tracy Boyd – Neely Henry Lake, AL

Tracy Watson – Possum Kingdom Lake, TX

Vickie Melder – Lake Oconee, GA

Wendy Schurgot – Lake Wallenpaupack, PA

Agents qualifying for the prestigious Big Wave Award that recognizes $10 million and up in sales for the year are:

Angela VanHouten – Lake Martin, AL

Chris Johnson – Lake Oconee, GA

Doug Giesler – Lake Murray, NC

Josh Grindle & Robin Cole – Lake Lanier, GA

Justin Dyar – Lewis Smith Lake, AL

Terri and Kyle Griner – Lake Oconee, GA

Lester & Bonnie Burleson – Lake Gaston, NC

Lisa Steele – Lake Arrowhead, GA

Margaret Decker – Lake Sinclair, GA

Mike Goins – Lake Conroe, TX

Nicole Anderson – Logan Martin Lake, AL

Sandie & Freddie Hurley – Lake Keowee, SC

Terry & Sherrie Norton – Lake Wedowee, AL

The Ken Williams Team – Lake Guntersville, AL

Tony Luna – Center Hill Lake, TN

Ty Miller – Weiss Lake, AL

Wally Cawthon – Jackson Lake, GA

The Splash Award recognizes the top Lake Homes Realty Agent based on a combination of sales and proper business management. Finalists for the award were named at this year’s Summit. The final announcement and presentation of the award will be held until March 2021 in the hopes we may yet have the opportunity to hold an in-person event to celebrate the success of 2020. The finalists are:

Deb Short (Tennessee)

Jim Williams (Tennessee)

Justin Dyar (Alabama)

Kristie Anderson (South Carolina)

Lisa Steel (Georgia)

Rebecca Brewer (Oklahoma)

Terry & Sherrie Norton (Alabama)

Tony Luna (Tennessee)

Ty Miller (Alabama)

Wally Cawthon (Georgia)

The event ended with the customary summary of the event from CEO Glenn Phillips. Phillips said, “Our focus for this event was to celebrate the hard work of our agents and employees in the face of this very difficult pandemic. We have thrived because of the dedication of our people. We also wanted to analyze the state of the industry while looking forward to the factors that we will all face in the coming year. It was a successful event that prepared our people for further success moving forward.”

Lakes Homes Realty Ranks on Inc. 5000 4th Consecutive Year

What makes the accomplishment of being named to the Inc. 5000  for four consecutive years noteworthy? Some companies have been named to the list more often, but few of those companies who have been in business only seven years can tout that more than half their years in operation put them in league with the nation’s most elite private firms.

We’re not boasting, but instead, we’re excited! We’re thrilled that our model has been proven. We are providing people seeking to buy or sell lake real estate, a tool that markets properties nationally while completing the transactions locally with Lake Homes Realty’s brokerage agents. It works so well that over 5 million people will use LakeHomes.com this year to shop, market, or buy a lake-based property.

We are a niche company in a hyper-competitive national real estate market. With new players pushing the “iBuyer” model, a completely virtual home buying transaction, and nationally franchised traditional players often creating “pocket listings” that are not marketed beyond their own agency, Lake Homes Realty deploys a hybrid sales model that markets homes nationally while using experienced professionals to sell them locally.

Few brokerages employ national marketing at the scale of Lake Homes Realty. We’re the only company doing so in specialty real estate. The company’s search advertising alone is the envy of the industry. Add to that an innovative social media program and a nationally pervasive public relations program, which provides valuable lake real estate data to news outlets nationwide at no charge.  With those programs, the company has created an unrivaled foundation of support for our clients.

Other brokerages offer the opportunity to “market” your property on a local MLS platform. Lake Homes Realty coordinates data from over 130 MLS platforms and markets it to the entire World Wide Web audience. We know that most buyers are shopping from markets outside of local lake areas. We meet the buyers where they are and sell to them where the listings are located.

The Inc. 5000 list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment of independent small businesses. Not only have the companies on the 2020 Inc. 5000 been very competitive within their markets, but the list as a whole shows staggering growth compared with prior years.

That staggering growth certainly applies to Lake Homes’ business. Sales in 2020 have been prolific as we assist buyers in finding homes and properties that give them distance from crowded metropolitan areas. Sellers who seek their next chapter find that employing our hybrid sales model gets homes sold quickly, meeting the price targets that owners are confident in after working with our professional agents to price their homes accurately. 

Glenn Phillips, CEO Lake Homes Realty

Lake Homes Realty CEO, Glenn Phillips said, “It’s satisfying to find that our business model has been validated once again by the recognition that comes from being named to the Inc. 5000. We work hard for our customers every day, and it’s gratifying to know we are again in such elite company.”

The company just opened its thirtieth state with the addition of Washington. That makes Lake Homes Realty “coast to coast” with a presence in multiple states bordering the Atlantic Ocean and throughout states contiguous to the country’s interior to the Pacific Ocean. Phillips says of the expansion, “We have a few more states as targets and many more lakes in our sights. We seek only the most professional agents to complement our growth and join our existing award-winning team.”

Lake Homes Realty looks forward to continued growth and even more valuable services for our buyers and sellers. If you are searching for lake real estate or you would like to sell an existing property, Lake Homes Realty and LakeHomes.com are an unbeatable combination that has been once again recognized as one of the best in the nation.

2020 Homes of Distinction in Alabama

2020 Homes of Distinction Badge - Alabama - Lake Homes Realty

Every dream home has some quality that makes it distinct. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top five featured home listings in the state of Alabama. Each listing must meet a few qualifications: it must be listed at over $1 million as a featured listing of Lake Homes Realty, be over 4,000 square feet, and located on waterfront property.

Each home has interior and exterior details that make it stand out among other houses. They each have an element of charm, beauty, or uniqueness. Some offer vintage and imported features, while others have entertaining spaces that would make anyone envious.

Continue reading “2020 Homes of Distinction in Alabama”