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Nicole Anderson

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Life is about building relationships and helping others, and real estate is one way I am able to do that. I'm fortunate to have Logan Martin Lake and Neely Henry Lake to offer my clients, because these beautiful lakes so quickly inspire clients, they are so scenic and serene.


I am committed to providing the best service possible, and for me that means always putting my clients first. I make myself available for my clients, listen closely to them so I understand all their needs, and respond quickly with the expertise that only I can give them. I love to take care of my clients.



There are so many qualities that help create a great real estate professional, and they are earned through experience, integrity, market expertise, marketing savvy, an extensive professional network and keen negotiation skills.


After more than eight years in the business, I have an exceptional set of skills to offer my clients, including certification as a Buyer's Representative, and I continue to improve on them and acquire more.



I'm proud of the many honors and awards I've received from my peers. I was named St. Clair Realtor of the Year in 2010, and I am immediate past president of the St. Clair Association of Realtors. I've been the Alabama state winner from the Virginia Allen Young Careerist Program.


I was part of the Alabama Association of Realtors Leadership Class of 2013, which was one of the most valuable programs I've been fortunate enough to take part in and taught me a great deal about exceptional service. Service is one of the most important things to me, and that means service to my profession as well as my clients.



Building relationships begins with the community, and it's a pleasure for me to be of service to the community. I work closely with the Business and Professional Women's Club and I host workshops at the state Girl Scouts Leadership Conference.


I've lived here on the lake for eight years now, you just get really close to people. It's a close-knit community. We are a great community to live in and that makes it a very easy sell. It's so close to Birmingham and Atlanta, but we still have a real small-town feel.


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Nicole  Anderson

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About Logan Martin Lake

Convenient to Atlanta; Only a Commute to Birmingham

Located along Interstate 20, Logan Martin Lake sits about 30 miles east of Birmingham.


This lake covers more than 15,000 acres and has about 270 miles of shoreline in St. Clair and Talladega counties.


Logan Martin is the third reservoir in a chain of six on the Coosa River, which begins with Weiss Lake on the Georgia border and extends almost to Montgomery.


"Lake of a Thousand Coves"

With its many sloughs, creeks and small inlets, locals have long called Logan Martin "Lake of a Thousand Coves."


But Logan Martin is also notable for its small variance in water lever, a difference of only about five feet on average.


Popular Fishing Lake

Large numbers of both largemouth and spotted bass populate Logan Martin Lake.


Other inhabitants include striped bass, white bass, hybrid bass, crappie, catfish (mostly of the channel variety), bream, drum, carp and gar.


Recent bass club tournament data puts Logan Martin among the best lakes in Alabama for percent success and in bass caught per angler per day.


There are a number of local and national fishing tournaments held on the lake annually.


Logan Martin has hosted championship events of the FLW Outdoors Tour and the Bassmaster Classic in 1992, 1993 and 1997.


This lake is a part of the 11-lake Alabama Bass Trail, which will hold a series of tournaments beginning next year and crown the state's first official bassing champion.


Boating Paradise

Logan Martin Lake is extremely popular for boating, skiing and swimming.


The upper reaches of the lake is largely a run-of-the-river reservoir.


Above the I-20 bridge the river, Logan Martin Lake expands, although it is largely confined to the original river course, in addition to the many mouths of its tributary streams.


Below the bridge, Logan Martin expands into large areas of open water.


Logan Martin is extremely popular with boating enthusiasts during summer weekends.


The lake ranges from 35 to 110 feet.