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Carole Bryson

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Hello! This is Carole Bryson, full-time Realtor®/ Broker with Lake Homes Realty. I specialize in properties on and around North Carolina's second largest lake, High Rock Lake.


I actually live and play on High Rock Lake and absolutely love the lake life. I've made it my mission to help as many people as I can find their dream homes on High Rock Lake. Living lakefront and having a pontoon boat gives me a unique opportunity to show buyers the lake by boat. Plus, a boat ride is the perfect way to end a day of searching for the perfect property.


With over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, I take great pride in helping others with potentially the largest investment and lifestyle change they will make.


I pride myself on my ability to truly listen to my clients' needs and connect them with opportunities that best match those needs. Additionally, I maintain an open line of communication by returning phone calls and emails promptly and always keeping my clients informed on what is going on as we go through the process of buying or selling.


Building lasting relationships with buyers and sellers is very rewarding. One of the highest compliments I can receive is someone choosing to work with me a second time or referring me to their friends and family.


If I can help you, please feel free to call me.


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Carole  Bryson

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About High Rock Lake

Ideal Location

High Rock Lake, the second largest lake in North Carolina, covers an impressive 15,180 acres and boasts 365 miles of shoreline. On a lake of this proportion, there are never-ending ways in which to spend your day.


Opportunities for Adventure

The Yadkin River Trail is a popular canoe and kayak path which connects to High Rock Lake. The lake also offers excellent fishing and boating opportunities. Nature preserves provide wildlife observation and bird watching, hiking and plenty of room for exploration. In the summer, High Rock attracts twice as many bald eagles than any other time of the year.


Excellent Fishing

With average lake depths of 16-17 feet and waters as deep as 52 feet, fishing is a favorite past time on High Rock Lake. Channel, blue and flathead catfish frequent the waters as well as crappie, sunfish such as bluegill and shellcracker, striper, white bass and largemouth bass. High Rock has been considered one of the best fishing lakes of North Carolina and has been the host to Bassmasters Classic three different years. Corbin Hills Golf Course and Crescent Golf Club offer fun for the golfers. Piedmont Boat Club allow a community for boaters.


Perfect for Rest and Relaxation

The cool, refreshing waters of High Rock Lake give swimmers and boaters a peaceful place to unwind. The fingers of the lake provide a beautiful mountainous change of scenery at every turn. High Rock Lake will have you returning again and again.