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Beaver Pond

New York

Beaver Pond, New York

The Beaver Pond real estate market is a beautiful, but lesser known, marketplace for lake property in New York.

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    • Counties: Essex County
      About Beaver Pond
      In Proximity to Ticonderoga, Lake George, and Glens Falls

      Beaver Pond, better known as Thurmond Pond, is located just west of Schroon Lake in the Adirondacks of New York.

      The lake is within 30 minutes of Ticonderoga and Warrensburg, which have restaurants and shops.

      Glens Falls Hospital and The Bennett Floyd Memorial Airport are about 50 minutes south of Thurmond Pond. Albany International Airport is just an hour and twenty minutes out.

      A Secluded Oasis

      Hidden in a sea of pines, Thurmond Pond is a well-kept secret in the town of Schroon Lake. This wooded oasis invites you to fish, swim, boat, or relax.

      With 125 acres of water, there is plenty to be shared, though you likely will not have to.

      Schroon Lake

      Schroon Lake is like a miniature Lake George off of Interstate 87. It spans over 4,000 acres and features nearly 25 miles of shoreline.

      The picturesque expanse is a hub of boating, fishing, paddling, sailboating, parasailing, jet-skiing, tubing, and more. Schroon Lake Beach is a popular, family-friendly location to hang out and swim.

      Quiet Lake Property in Eastern New York

      Beaver Pond, also known as Thurmond Pond, is an excellent choice of property for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.