Cayuta Lake

New York

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Cayuta Lake, New York

The Cayuta Lake real estate market is a limited supply marketplace for lake property in New York.

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    About Cayuta Lake
    Schuyler County, New York

    Also known as Little Lake by locals, Cayuta Lake is a 389-acre glacial lake in northern New York state surrounded by beautiful lake homes. It is south of the Finger Lakes and north of Odessa, in the township of Catharine.

    It is 16 minutes from Schuyler Hospital and 35 minutes from Ithaca Tompkins International Hospital. There is a TOPS Friendly Market within 20 minutes.

    Hungry Cayuta Lake residents can stop by the Bucket Bar & Grill, a favorite among locals that serves classic American food, including breakfast.

    The Cayuta Lake Legend

    The word “cayuta” has its origin in the Native American language. It may have derived from the word “geihate,” which most likely means “a river.”

    However, local lore proclaims that the lake was named after a Seneca girl kidnapped by an opposing tribe. Her mother’s tears formed the lake when she learned of the travesty.

    Fishing and Outdoors

    Cayuta Lake is an excellent fishing destination and primarily includes largemouth bass and chain pickerel, but bluegill, yellow perch, and black crappie are also plentiful.

    The Connecticut Hill Wildlife Management Area is a vast pan of wilderness that provides numerous hunting, fishing, and primitive camping options for visitors.

    The Finger Lakes

    North of Cayuta Lake, you can find Seneca Lake and Cayuga Lake, two of the Finger Lakes. Visitors travel to the lakes during the summer months to go kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing, motorboating, paddleboarding, and sailboating.

    A Lake-Lovers Paradise

    Whether you like to fish or ride around by boat, look closely at Cayuta Lake. It just might be the location of your next lake home!