Crystal Lake

New York

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Crystal Lake, New York

Crystal Lake real estate is a limited supply market for lake homes and land in New York.

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    About Crystal Lake
    Near the State's Southern Border

    Crystal Lake is a picturesque body of water near the New York and Pennsylvania state border. It is located near the city of Deposit and is just south of Cannonsville Reservoir.

    The lake is surrounded by Crystal Lake Road, which makes a perfect walking trail for afternoon sunset strolls.

    Spend Time on Cannonsville Reservoir

    Just a few miles north of Crystal Lake is the 4,703-acre Cannonsville Reservoir. The reservoir is perfect for fishing, boating, kayaking, or canoeing.

    The reservoir is famous for its brown trout and smallmouth bass fishery. It is stocked annually with around 7,000 brown trout, which helps keep a healthy population for anglers.

    Hike Columbia Lake State Forest

    Just to the west of Crystal Lake is the beautiful Columbia Lake State Forest. The forest is 700 acres of woodlands sitting on top of a hilltop. There are places to camp, hike, and hunt in the wooded area. It is the perfect place to enjoy a day in the great outdoors.

    See New York City

    Crystal Lake is conveniently located less than three hours from the busy city of New York. Skyscrapers, shopping, Broadway, fine dining, and vibrant nightlife await anyone looking to spend a day here.

    Take a stroll in the famous Central Park, visit the Statue of Liberty, see the Empire State Building's view, or bask in the lights of Times Square. The possibilities in this city are truly endless.

    The Choice is Crystal Clear

    Whether you are looking to buy a family home, a full-time retirement residence, or a vacation rental, Crystal Lake is an excellent choice.