Garnet Lake

New York

Garnet Lake, New York

Garnet Lake real estate is considered a limited supply market for lake homes and lake lots in New York.

Garnet Lake homes for sale have an average list price of $374,000, with many great homes at higher and lower prices.

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About Garnet Lake
In the Heart of the Adirondack Mountains

Garnet Lake is a tranquil lake that rests in the valley between two hills in central New York state’s Adirondack mountains. This lake has almost six miles of shoreline and has many coves due to its irregular shape.

Approximately two-thirds of the coastline is lined with lush woodlands, leaving your view untainted by human development.

Garnet Lake is only a few miles west of Lake George and only an hour south of the six-million-acre Lake Champlain.


Due to its smaller size, Garnet Lake keeps its tranquil atmosphere by regulating which boats can access the lake. Motorized boats are not allowed on the lake’s waters, but paddling is a great way to explore the shore.

Kayaks and canoes are the preferred means of transportation on Garnet Lake, and you can often find families enjoying each other’s company in a shared canoe.

Wildlife viewing is another favorite amongst residents and locals. Paddlers often spot bald eagles, beavers, loons, and other waterfowl during their time on the water.

Camping along the lake’s edges can also be enjoyed in particular designated areas. Four thousand acres of state land surrounds Garnet Lake, which offers a plethora of hiking and recreational fun.

Enjoy Lake Champlain

If you want to experience a larger lake, drive a few miles north to the famous Lake Champlain.

Lake Champlain is exceptionally larger than Garnet Lake, with a size of six million acres. Due to the lake’s large size, there is plenty of fun while visiting, boating, fishing, swimming, water sports, kayaking, canoeing, sightseeing, and more can be done in and around the lake.

Because the lake is such a large source of tourism, there are plenty of places along its shores to eat, shop, tour, camp, hike, and so much more.

Garnet Lake offers you the peace of living on a smaller lake, with the amenities and fun of being close to Lake Champlain.

A Gem in the Adirondacks

Whether you are looking to buy a family home, a full-time retirement residence, or a vacation rental, Garnet Lake is an excellent choice.