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About Maine

Maine, the northernmost state in New England, has long been called "Vacationland" because the state was said to represent the perfect setting for summer, a setting that couldn't be matched anywhere else. However, to over 1.3 million residents, Maine is better known as "Home" and the state's new slogan of "The Way Life Should Be" is far more applicable.

Maine is well-known for its beautiful scenery and pristine wilderness including pine forests, rolling mountain ranges, crystal clear waterways and majestic rocky shorelines. The state is also famous for its seafood cuisine, especially clams and lobster.

Inland Beaches

When most people think of Maine, they think of coastal beaches and the state's almost 3,500 miles of ocean shoreline. What most out-of-town residents do not know is that this state also has an amazing selection of inland beaches to choose from as well.

Maine has over 3,000 lakes and ponds that offer year-round outdoor fun for all. Several of these lakes offer public access to their sparkling waters for free or a minimal charge, so there are plenty of opportunities for everybody to get out and enjoy the inland beaches this state has to offer.

Year Round Lake Living Fun

Maine's seasonal temperatures rarely stop those wishing to get out and enjoy the beautiful environment surrounding them. A variety of boating and fishing opportunities are enjoyed throughout the state year-round and include canoeing, kayaking, whitewater rafting and sailing.

The state's lake front real estate is equally varied as its seasons, ranging from elegant year-round lakefront homes in the southern region to seasonal camps. From the beauty of Sebago Lake in southern Maine, to the more secluded Moosehead Lake in the middle of the state, there are homes available in all styles and price ranges.

Recreation and Relaxation

Maine's diverse natural landscape of cool refreshing lakes and mountains covered in beautiful pine trees that stretches all the way to the cliffs of its rocky coastline offer plenty of options for recreation and relaxation year round.

When most people consider moving to Maine, they initially dream about living by the ocean, but most residents will tell you that the best fishing is on Maine's deep, rocky lakes, which offer quiet living and serene lakefront views.