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    About Highlands Region
    Region of Central Maine

    The Highlands Region of Maine is known for its wooded landscapes. It encompasses mountains, forests, and lakes of Central Maine for endless outdoor enjoyment.

    Bangor is the region’s go-to city for dining, entertainment, and facilities like the Bangor International Airport or St. Joseph Hospital.

    Abundant in Lakes

    Maine’s Highland Region is proudly home to Moosehead Lake, the state’s largest body of water. The lake lies in the foothills of the Longfellow Mountains, producing breathtaking, panoramic views.

    Other lakes of the region include Sebec, Sebasticook, Pemadumcook, Schoodic, Pushaw, and several more.

    The Best of the Outdoors

    The Highlands Region Wilderness features mountains, waterfalls, gorges, and more among hundreds of miles of trails.

    Mount Katahdin is the towering gem of the region. At heights of 5,267 feet, the mount is the highest peak in Maine. Also, as the grand ending of the Appalachian trail, the mountain is a prominent location.

    Gulf Hagas is another must-see location. The three-mile gorge is a National Natural Landmark, plummeting as deep as 400 feet; the gorge is known as “The Grand Canyon of Maine.” An eight-mile trail loops the gorge, featuring swimming holes, waterfalls, and unique foliage along the way.

    If you enjoy the thrill of a snowmobile, the Maine Snowmobile Association maintains thousands of trails throughout the region. The vast forest also offers excellent hunting of moose, deer, bears, or small game like turkey or birds.

    Entertainment and Events

    Home to charming downtown shops and unique restaurants, Bangor is a great place to go for a casual day out. It is also home to attractions like Penobscott Theater, Children’s Museum, Collins Center for the Arts, Leonard’s Mills, and more.

    It can be a source of nightlife as well; Bangor’s Waterfront Concert Series hosts big-name entertainers with concerts and events.

    There are many local events for the foodies like the Whoopie Pie Festival, Egg Festival, and Red Hot Dog Festival.

    A Wonderful Life

    The Highlands Region of Maine can be your next great getaway; whether you make it a full-time stay or a weekend escape, you will love what the area has to offer.