Southern Wright County & Winstead, Minnesota

About the Area

Heading due west between Minneapolis and Willmar, you will come across many farming communities like Howard Lake, Waverly, Winstead and Cokato. Several of these communities grew up around large water bodies that have shaped their identities over the years. Each of the four towns listed above have lakes of the same name, and three of them have built their communities around them.

This may not be necessarily considered “lake country” by those who head north to their cabins each week, but these are strong close knit communities that are proud to have these lakes as main focal points to their lives. There is good fishing, water-skiing, and all the other recreational opportunities you would find on any other similar sized lake.

Several other lakes are scattered throughout this area of Southern Wright County with several hundred acres of surface area each. Lake Collinwood, Lake Ann, and Fountain Lake near Delano are all in this category.

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  • Cokato
  • Delano
  • Howard Lake
  • Lester Prairie
  • Montrose
  • Stockholm
  • Waverly
  • Winstead


  • Beaver Dam Lake
  • Brooks Lake
  • Butler Lake
  • Butternut Lake
  • Campbell Lake
  • Carrigan Lake
  • Cokato Lake
  • Collinwood Lake
  • Coon Lakes
  • Doerfler Lake
  • Dog Lake
  • Dutch Lake
  • Fountain Lake
  • Grass Lake
  • Howard Lake
  • Junkins Lake
  • Kerkela Lake
  • Lake Ann
  • Lake Emma
  • Lake Ida
  • Lake Mary
  • Lauzers Lake
  • Little Lake
  • Little Waverly Lake
  • Malardi Lake
  • Milky Lake
  • Mud Lake
  • Reich Lake
  • Round Lake
  • School Section Lake
  • Shakopee Lake
  • Smith Lake
  • South Lake
  • Spring Lake
  • Swan Lake
  • Taylor Lake
  • Waverly Lake
  • Winstead Lake

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