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    About Spooner / Shell Lake Area

    Settled in Northern Wisconsin, the Spooner / Shell Lake area is rich with gorgeous scenery, culture, and community. Located just two hours outside Minneapolis and 80 miles south of Lake Superior’s shoreline, the exploration possibilities are endless.

    While Hayward is widely recognized as the main tourist hotspot for fishing and ATVing, you can experience unique lakeshore life anywhere in this area. Visiting spots like Spooner, Shell Lake, Trego, and Webb Lake grants you the opportunity to have an intimate look at Wisconsin’s wilderness or experience the peace that comes from sitting by the water on a warm summer's day.

    Spooner / Shell Lake offers a wide variety of waterfront real estate, from perfect beachfront cabins to log retreats along the many rivers, brooks, and creeks that criss-cross this scenic part of Wisconsin.


    Recognized as a town until 1909, when it officially became a city, Spooner, Wisconsin's history aligns quite similar to that of the American railroad.

    In 1879 the North Wisconsin Railway was constructed north of the present-day City of Spooner. Ten years later, in 1889, Spooner got its own wheels turning when a station for the railway was constructed, acting as the town's only building at the time.

    Since then, the city of Spooner has been a hub for several different railways, including the Omaha Railroad Line, the Duluth & Minnesota Railroad, and the Wisconsin Great Northern Railroad.

    Today the original railway station serves as the Railroad Memories Museum.

    With a history as small as its size, Shell Lake has only been recognized as a city since 1961. Stretching across 10 miles, it was recognized as a village from the 1880s until its incorporation into a city.

    While taking a stroll across the shorelines of Shell Lake, you can still find the lake’s namesake, shells of freshwater bivalves, dotted across the sand.

    Activities in the Spooner / Shell Lake Area

    From culture to the community, Spooner / Shell Lake boasts a wide variety of unique attractions to keep you engaged year-round.

    Channel your inner cowboy at The Spooner Rodeo! Operating every year in July, this event calls upon some of the best in professional rodeo entertainment for the wildest event in all the West! From barrel races to bull riding, anyone of any age is bound to enjoy this yearly spectacle.

    Are you looking to immerse yourself in the culture of Shell Lake? Shell Lake’s Town and Country Days operate annually on Labor Day Weekend, featuring a lake run, chocolate festival, parades, and a sailing regatta!

    Learn more about local Spooner culture at The Railroad Memories Museum. Known as the first building in Spooner, this museum is dedicated to the preservation of railroad artifacts and the education of the public on the history of the American railroad. This location is incredibly unique, as all staff members are former railroaders themselves!

    After you visit The Railroad Memories Museum, take a day trip on the Great Northern Wisconsin Railroad. This makes the perfect family outing or date night! With trips as inexpensive as $50, you can enjoy a two-hour tour of scenic Wisconsin while being served plates of delicious local meals.

    If you’re looking for an authentic camp experience, take a trip to The Shell Lake Art Center Camp! Whether you’re bringing your kids or going as an adult, you are bound to enjoy your time learning about art, music, sculpting, and other talents you may have never considered being interested in!

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