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Cyclone Lake - Evergreen


Cyclone Lake - Evergreen, Wisconsin

Cyclone Lake - Evergreen real estate is a tight inventory market for lake homes and land in Wisconsin.

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    • Counties: Washburn County
      About Cyclone Lake - Evergreen
      Located in Washburn County, Wisconsin

      This 86-acre lake with a maximum depth of 18 feet is right in the heart of Washburn County. You can’t go wrong with taking in the beauty of Cyclone Lake in Evergreen, although there are unfortunately no evergreen trees by the lake.

      The lake is less than five miles from the nearest hospital, Spooner Health, and about 40 miles from the Grantsburg Municipal Airport - easily a location you can’t beat at Cyclone Lake!

      Life on the Water

      Fishing is a common sport at Cyclone Lake, there’s an abundant amount of panfish and northern pike, and it’s very common to catch Largemouth Bass as well on this lake. Other water activities that locals enjoy include swimming, canoeing, kayaking, or even just relaxing and sitting out by the lake.

      Wisconsin loves water sports, so feel free to explore outside of the lake for white water rafting adventures, tubing, water-skiing, boating, and more in Evergreen and outside Evergreen. There’s plenty to do nearby Cyclone Lake!

      What’s Nearby

      Within just a few miles of Cyclone Lake, there are many tourist attractions. The Railroads Memories Museum and the Wisconsin Canoe Heritage Museum are two famous history museums that are suitable for children as well.

      Turtle Bay is 15 miles from the lake, and the St. Croix National Riverway is less than 60 miles from the lake, with great hiking opportunities, camping, and scenic views. Don’t forget to walk the trails of the nature preserve, the Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary, which also offers a learning center for all ages.

      If you want to experience a county bar and grill experience, try out the Twin Oaks Bar and Grill. There are also a multitude of family restaurants like Tracks Bar and Family Dining, Riverstreet, and Nick’s- all within a few miles of Cyclone Lake. The closest winery is the stunning Clover Meadow Winery, about 14 miles away from the lake, with a grand selection of various types of wine.

      Why Cyclone Lake?

      With the beautiful scenery, nearby attractions, and plentiful fish, Cyclone Lake makes the ideal escape!