Deer Lake - Casey


Deer Lake - Casey, Wisconsin

Deer Lake - Casey real estate is considered a tight inventory market for lake homes and lake lots in Wisconsin.

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    • Counties: Washburn County
      About Deer Lake - Casey
      Located in Washburn County, Wisconsin

      Right in Casey, Wisconsin, one can find the beautifully secluded Deer Lake. This 105-acre-sized lake with a maximum depth of 15 feet gives the perfect quiet lake town vibe!

      The closest 24-hour hospital, Spooner Health, is about 15 miles from Deer Lake, while the nearest airport, Amery Municipal Airport, is about 65 miles from the lake. There are several smaller airports surrounding Deer Lake; however, Deer Lake is definitely further out from everything- perfect for someone looking to escape from city life.

      Life on the Water

      If you enjoy fishing, Deer Lake is the place for you! Common fish to catch at this lake include panfish, largemouth bass, northern pike, and walleye. Locals love to spend their days on the lake fishing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, and overall relaxing by the lake itself.

      What’s Nearby

      St. Croix National Scenic Riverway is about six miles from the lake and is a Wisconsin hotspot for locals and visitors. The river recreation offers a variety of activities, such as camping and hiking as there are various trails at St. Croix. Canoeing and kayaking through the river is a great way to explore St. Croix and embrace the scenic views and wildlife there.

      In Casey, be sure to walk the Trego Lake Trail, and if you like antiques, check out the stores, Simply and Antique Adventures. The town has a very simple, calm feel to it.

      Twin Oaks Bar and Grill, as well as The Still Bar and Grill, are town favorites just about ten minutes from the lake. Have a cheap date at What the Heck Eatery and Spirits because what the heck, they have good food and even better spirit!

      Within 40 miles, you will find two wineries- Clover Meadow Winery and Out of the Woods Winery. Both with great selections and beautiful scenic views.

      Why Deer Lake?

      Deer Lake is an easy choice for all from beautiful scenic views to a small-town vibe, it’s a perfect choice!