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Siren, Wisconsin is about an hour and a half northwest of Minneapolis and St. Paul. When you get there, you all of a sudden feel like you've found the “Wisconsin North Woods,” which is one of the factors that makes it an incredibly attractive vacation spot - both for cabin owners from the Twin Cities, and weekend guests at local resorts and hotels.

The lakes around Siren are generally very clear, and you will see plentiful sand beaches on most lakes. Although there are many high-end lake homes and expansive log structures, you will also find thousands of lakefront cabins in the area, which still have the simpler feel that many cabin buyers search for.

Clear Lake on the south end of town, and Crooked Lake on the north, kind of act as scenic bookends that hold the town together…and help give it some of its lakeshore appeal. The larger lakes nearest to Siren are Clam Lake and Big Sand Lake just to the east. About ten miles up the road to north are other large water bodies, including Yellow Lake and Devils Lake, just past Webster, Wisconsin.

If you are in the market for a lake cabin close to the Twin Cities - in an area that still feels like a vacation getaway - the area of Siren, Frederic, Webster and Danbury, Wisconsin just might have what you want. Just send us an email or give us a call to get more information on available real estate and prices in the area.


  • Clam Falls
  • Clam River
  • Danbury
  • Fish Lake
  • Four Corners
  • Frederick
  • Grantsburg
  • Hertel
  • Kiezer Lake
  • Oakland
  • Randall
  • Reed Corners
  • Siren
  • Trade Lake
  • Trade River
  • Webster
  • West Sweden
  • Yellow Lake


  • Ann Lake
  • Aspen Lake
  • Austin Lake
  • Baker Lake
  • Bass Lake
  • Big Doctor Lake
  • Big Lake
  • Big Sand Lake
  • Big Trade Lake
  • Blom Lake
  • Blomberg Lake
  • Bluff Lake
  • Briar Lake
  • Briggs Lake
  • Buck Lake
  • Burlingame Lake
  • Clam Falls Flowage
  • Clam Lake
  • Clam River Flowage
  • Clear Lake
  • Conners Lake
  • Coon Lake
  • Cranberry Lake
  • Crooked Lake
  • Crystal Lake
  • Daniels Flowage
  • Denny Lake
  • Devils Lake
  • Diamond Lake
  • Doctor Lake
  • Dueholm Flowage
  • Dunham Lake
  • Echo Lake
  • Elbow Lake
  • Fish Lake
  • Floyd Lake
  • Fountain Lake
  • Godfrey Lake
  • Grimhs Lake
  • Gull Lake
  • Ham Lake
  • Hatchet Lake
  • Hawthorne Lake
  • Hay Creek Flowage
  • Hayden Lake
  • Hickory Lake
  • Holmes Lake
  • Hunters Lake
  • Ice Lake
  • Isaac Lake
  • Johnson Lake
  • Kapes Lake
  • Knapp Flowage
  • Kreiner Lake
  • Larson Lake
  • Lily Lake
  • Little Deer Lake
  • Little Holmes Lake
  • Little Trade Lake
  • Little Wood Lake
  • Little Yellow Lake
  • Lone Star Lake
  • Long Lake
  • Loon Lake
  • Lost Lake
  • Love Lake
  • Lower Clam Lake
  • Lower Loon Lake
  • Mallard Lake
  • Middle Loon Lake
  • Minerva Lake
  • Mingo Lake
  • Minnow Lake
  • Money Lake
  • Monson Lake
  • Mud Hen Lake
  • Mud Lake
  • North Fork Flowage
  • North Long Lake
  • Our Lake
  • Owl Lake
  • Phantom Flowage
  • Pickle Lake
  • Pike Lake
  • Pine Lake
  • Point Lake
  • Pokegama Lake
  • Reed Lake
  • Rice Lake
  • Robie Lake
  • Round Lake
  • Sand Lake
  • Schaaf Lake
  • Silver Lake
  • Somers Lake
  • South Refuge Flowage
  • Spencer Lake
  • Spirit Lake
  • St. Croix River
  • Stone Lake
  • Tabor Lake
  • Tamarack Lake
  • Tanda Lake
  • Taylor Lake
  • Temoe Lake
  • Tucker Lake
  • Twentysix Lake
  • Upper Loon Lake
  • Upper N. Fork Flowage
  • Viola Lake
  • Warner Lake
  • Whiskey Flowage
  • Wood Lake
  • Yellow Lake
  • Yellow River
  • Young Lake

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