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Yellow Lake - Webster


4Listings$95K-$625K$1.4MTotal Value
Yellow Lake - Webster, Wisconsin

Yellow Lake - Webster real estate is a beautiful, but lesser known, market for lake homes and land in Wisconsin.

There are typically around 10 lake homes for sale on Yellow Lake - Webster, and 10 lots and land listings available. Yellow Lake - Webster homes for sale have an average list price of $196,000.

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    • Counties: Burnett County
      About Yellow Lake - Webster
      Located in Burnett County, Wisconsin

      Yellow Lake is 2,283 acres and has a maximum depth of 31 feet. The town of Webster is a small town with plenty to do and see, but if you are willing to take a little drive, there is even more to explore. The town of Duluth, Minnesota, is an hour and 20 minutes from Yellow Lake and offers a variety of attractions for adults and kids.

      Lake Life

      Yellow Lake encourages its residents to partake in boating, swimming, skiing, and tubing. The lake has lots of activities for the cold season as well, such as ice skating and snowmobiles. The lake follows the statewide Wisconsin boating ordinances, such as a no-wake zone within 100 feet of any shoreline, swimmer, and boat.

      Fishing is popular in both the warm and cold seasons at Yellow Lake. Common fish include musky, walleye, panfish, northern pike, bass, sturgeon, and catfish. Bass fishing is allowed on a catch-and-release basis.

      What To Do

      Children can be hard to keep entertained at the lake, especially at a very young age but no need to worry. Just an hour and 20 minutes from Yellow Lake is the Duluth Children’s Museum, with plenty to keep them entertained. This interactive and educational museum has rooms full of fun activities to keep kids busy and learning. The museum offers classes every day that anyone can sign up for, and many include taking home a craft for the kids to play with while you lay by the lake.

      Eating is always an essential part of anybody's day, especially after a day at the lake. Yellow Lake Lodge is only five minutes from the Lake and offers a variety of meal options. The amazing food is accompanied by the beautiful views of Yellow Lake and awesome service. The atmosphere of the restaurant is what people rave about most, with it being the local restaurant. Residents of Yellow Lake spend tons of time here bonding with their neighbors over the amazing burgers.

      Hospitals and Airports

      Burnett Medical Center is 35 minutes from Yellow Lake and is open 24 hours daily. Duluth International Airport is one hour and 30 minutes from Yellow Lake and offers domestic and international flights.

      Life on Yellow Lake

      Yellow Lake combines amazing views with an amazing atmosphere to make the perfect home for anybody.