Lower Clam Lake - Meenon


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Lower Clam Lake - Meenon, Wisconsin

Lower Clam Lake - Meenon real estate is considered a limited supply market for lake homes and lake lots in Wisconsin.

Lower Clam Lake - Meenon homes for sale have an average list price of $183,000, with many great homes at higher and lower prices.

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    • Counties: Sawyer County
      About Lower Clam Lake - Meenon
      Located in Sawyer County, Wisconsin

      Right in the heart of Meenon, Wisconsin, sits this stunning 214-acre-sized lake with a maximum depth of 30 feet. Lower Clam Lake is a peaceful, placid lake that will take your breath away- find your place at Lower Clam Lake today!

      About 30 miles from the lake is the 24-hour Cumberland Memorial Hospital and 50 miles from the lake is the Rice Lake Regional Airport making the remote lake an ideal escape.

      Life on the Water

      For the fishing lovers, an abundance of fish populate this lake year round. Musky, panfish, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and walleye roam Lower Clam Lake making the lake the perfect spot for fishing.

      At the lake, you can partake in all things boating, jet-skiing, water-skiing, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, swimming, and more. Locals enjoy relaxing by the lake, having picnics, bonfires, BBQs, and more.

      What’s Nearby

      About 25 miles from the lake is the Sandrock Cliffs Trail; with lovely pines and a beautiful river, it makes the best combo for hiking.

      The Prime Bar and Family Dining is an excellent choice for family-friendly restaurants with good American eats and delicious cocktails. Other great bars/grill spots by the lake include Wolf Point Bar & Grill and Twin Oaks Bar & Grill.

      Twenty miles from Lower Clam Lake is Round Man Brewing Co. serving tasty apps like cheese curds, french dip, BBQ, and a great selection of brews.

      Local favorite coffee shops include Redemption Coffeehouse & Roastery, The Dock Coffee, and Alley Cats Coffee. Support locals and have fresh hot coffee and a pastry at one of these spots.

      Why Lower Clam Lake?

      Lower Clam Lake is a lovely lake with endless amenities and opportunities. You’ll find true peace and tranquility at this lake.