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About the Area

Just out of the grips of Duluth and Superior, and on the northern edge of one of Wisconsin's largest groupings of lakes, you will find several small communities just off the main drag that each have an identity predicated on their northwoods surroundings.  These are the towns of Minong, Gordon, Solon Springs and Wascott, Wisconsin, and they have an abundance of affordable lake homes and riverfront cabins - on an array of high quality water bodies - surrounding these communities of less than 1,000 residents each.

Here, the St. Croix River begins its scenic journey as a major tributary of the Mississppi River, as it meets up with the mighty waterway just to the southeast of St. Paul, Minnesota.  Upper St. Croix Lake at about 850 acres, which borders Solon Springs, and the 1,900 acre St. Croix Flowage  - closer to Gordon - provide plenty of recreational pleasures and waterfront real estate along the river's path.  Whether you are looking for remote canoeing, great fishing, water-skiing, incredible snowmobiling, or nearly any type of water-related recreation, you will find it in this portion of Southern Douglas County and Northern Washburn County.   And with other rivers such as the Namekagon, Tatogatic, and the Eau Claire River also winding through the area, it is a paradise for those who love canoeing or kayaking in quiet surroundings.

Minong may be the best known of these four communities because of its proximity to Hayward, its positiong at the intersection of two main routes, and its ties over the years to outdoor recreation.  Most of its nearest lakes are to its west, with Pokegama Lake and Gilmore Lake being the closest of size, and Lake Nancy and the Minong Flowage a few miles further.  Wascott, just up the road, revels in its own brand of the Wisconsin northwoods, and is a favorite stopping off point for snowmobiliers, four wheeleers, and outdoor enthusiasts who are here to take in its nearby lakes and abundant forests. 

If you love the feeling of an area rich with lakes, dense woods, and nearly unlimited outdoor fun - without the crowds that more well-known resort locations attract - you might want to check out the lakeshore real estate in this area of Northwest Wisconsin.  Just contact us or one of our local real estate experts to help you with your search. 



  • Cozy Corner
  • Dairyland
  • Gordon
  • Lampson
  • Minong
  • Moose Junction
  • Riverside
  • Solon Springs
  • Wascott


  • Adventure Lake
  • Alexander Lake
  • Banks Lake
  • Bardon Lake
  • Bear Track Lake
  • Beauregard Lake
  • Big Bass Lake
  • Black Fox Lake
  • Bluegill Lake
  • Bond Lake
  • Buffalo Lake
  • Catherine Lake
  • Chain Lakes
  • Cheney Lake
  • Chicog Lake
  • Cloverleaf Lake
  • Clyde Lake
  • Colton Flowage
  • Cranberry Lake
  • Crooked Lake
  • Crotty Lake
  • Crystal Lake
  • Deer Lake
  • Deer Print Lake
  • Derosier Lake
  • Eau Claire River
  • Fish Lake
  • Flamang Lake
  • Flat Lake
  • Frahm Lake
  • Gardner Lake
  • Gilbert Lake
  • Gilmore Lake
  • Goose Lake
  • Gull Lake
  • Harriet Lake
  • Hay Lake
  • Horseshoe Lake
  • Island Lake
  • Kreide Lake
  • Lake Nancy
  • Lake of the Woods
  • Lakeside Lake
  • Leader Lake
  • Little Bass Lake
  • Little McGraw Lake
  • Little Sand Lake
  • Long Lake
  • Loon Lake
  • Lost Lake
  • Lower Kimball Lake
  • Lower Ox Lake
  • Lund Lake
  • Matthews Lake
  • McGraw Lake
  • McLean Lake
  • Metzger Lake
  • Middle Kimball Lake
  • Miles Lake
  • Mills Lake
  • Minong Flowage
  • Mirror Lake
  • Muck Lake
  • Mud Lake
  • Mulligan Lake
  • Muskrat Lake
  • No Mans Lake
  • One Mile Lake
  • Ounce River
  • Person Lake
  • Peterson Lake
  • Pickerel Lake
  • Pokegama Lake
  • Radigan Flowage
  • Rainbow Lake
  • Rainy Lake
  • Red Lake
  • Rice Lake
  • Richart Lake
  • Rock Lake
  • Round Lake
  • Sand Lake
  • Sauntrys Lake
  • Sawyer Lake
  • Scott Lake
  • Scovils Lake
  • Sherman Lake
  • Shoberg Lake
  • Silver Lake
  • Simms Lake
  • Sleepy Eye Lake
  • Smith Lake
  • Snake Lake
  • Snipe Lake
  • South Twin Lake
  • Spider Lake
  • Spring Lake
  • St. Croix Flowage
  • St. Croix River
  • Sugarbush Lake
  • Sullivan Lake
  • Taylor Lake
  • Thorn Lake
  • Totagatic River
  • Tranus Lake
  • Twin Lakes
  • Two Mile Lake
  • Upper Kimball Lake
  • Upper Ox Lake
  • Upper St. Croix Lake
  • Wagner Lake
  • Wascott Lake
  • Webb Lake
  • Whalen Lake
  • Wilcox Lake
  • Wilson Lake

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