Perch Lake - Iron River


Perch Lake - Iron River, Wisconsin

Perch Lake - Iron River real estate is a tight inventory market for lake homes and land in Wisconsin.

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    • Counties: Bayfield County
      About Perch Lake - Iron River
      Located in Bayfield County, Wisconsin

      Perch Lake is a 26-acre lake with a maximum depth of 83 feet. While there is plenty to keep you busy in Bayfield County, the City of Superior is a short 45-minute drive from Perch Lake.

      Lake Life

      Boating, swimming, skiing, and tubing are welcomed on Perch Lake- Iron River. Since Perch Lake is such a hidden gem, there are not many ordinances in place. Perch Lake does follow the state-wide boating ordinances for Wisconsin.

      Fishing is a very popular activity for Perch Lake. Common fish include panfish, bass, northern pike, and walleye. Bass is open year-round for catch and release.

      What To Do

      Perch Lake is made for spending the day on the water with beautiful scenery. But if you want to go see something new, there's plenty to explore.

      The World's Largest Ball of Twine is a huge roadside attraction that pulls thousands every year. While looking at a ball of twine might not be everybody's cup of tea, it is a cool fact to share that you only live 20 minutes from a world record holder.

      If you're a food person, then Perch Lake would be perfect for you. Only five minutes down the road is Major Richard I. Bong Memorial Highway, the highway is lined with amazing restaurants. Anything from pubs to diners is only a short drive from Perch Lake. Rustic Roost Motel Dining is one of the most popular places to eat for those living on Perch Lake. If you are looking for the perfect, All American Breakfast Roost is the place to be.

      Only 45 minutes away is the Town of Superior, which houses the Lighthouse. The lighthouse is a great way to see over the miles of water and just take a quick stop to see something new.

      Hospitals and Airports

      Memorial Medical Center is 30 minutes from Perch Lake and is open 24 hours a day.

      John F Kennedy Memorial Airport is 30 Minutes from Perch Lake. JFK Memorial offers national and international flights.

      Life on Perch Lake-Iron River

      Perch Lake is a beautiful home away from the city. If you are looking for a lake home that is near hospitals and airports, then Perch Lake would be perfect.