Pike Lake - Iron River


Pike Lake - Iron River, Wisconsin

Located in Wisconsin, Pike Lake - Iron River real estate is a limited supply market in the state for lake homes and lake lots.

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      About Pike Lake - Iron River
      Located in Bayfield County, Wisconsin

      This 19-acre lake in northwestern Wisconsin is nestled perfectly in the heart of canoeing, fishing, and the best comfort food in the state. Minneapolis is a three-and-a-half drive away, but for those who need city life in the more immediate area, check out Duluth, Minnesota, which is only one hour away.

      Fishing and Boating

      Although the lake cannot boast a large amount of area, the 23-foot depth hides a good variety of fish for fishing from the shore. This large lake offers the convenience of a public boat landing on the northeast and southwest ends of the lake and various fish like:

      - Northern Pike

      - Largemouth Bass

      - Panfish

      - Musky

      - Smallmouth Bass

      Be sure to observe the fishing ordinances found on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website.

      Practically Perfect

      Although there is no lodging directly on the lake, you can find complete comfort in Lumbermen’s Inn, a seven-minute drive from the lake, and Tri Lake Timbers Resort, 10 minutes from the lake.

      Iron River (6 minutes) is the perfect place to pick up supplies if you like seclusion or for a break from the wilderness. Drink some of the region's best wine at White Winter Winery, or visit Iron River Pizza Parlor, which customers say has the best Chicago Style deep-dish in the state.

      For the outdoorsy types, be sure to explore the miles of hiking and ATV trails surrounding this quaint town and take a canoe/kayak ride over the multitude of lakes and rivers in the region.

      Airports and Hospitals

      Pike Lake is conveniently located near Bayfield County Airport (11 minutes) for private flights and Duluth International Airport (1 hour and 10 minutes) for commercial flights.

      The nearest hospital to help you with all of your medical needs is Bayfield County Memorial Hospital, a 40-minute drive from the lake.

      In the Heart of Lake Country

      Pike Lake is surrounded by endless square miles of lakes, rivers, and opportunities for the best hiking and watersports in the state. Don’t let the opportunity to find your newest lake home in this gorgeous region of Wisconsin pass you by!