Minnewashta Lake


Minnewashta Lake, Iowa

The Minnewashta Lake real estate market is a tight inventory marketplace for lake property in Iowa.

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    About Minnewashta Lake
    One of the Iowa Great Lakes

    Minnewashta Lake is in Dickinson County alongside Lower Gar Lake, Upper Gar Lake, West Okoboji Lake, East Okoboji Lake, Big Spirit Lake, Little Spirit Lake, and West Hottes Lake. It encompasses 118 acres in size with 15 feet of shoreline.

    Minnewashta Lake is connected to Upper Gar Lake by a narrow channel of water. What makes this lake unique is that residents can enjoy a smaller lake's privacy while having access to the larger lakes in the area.

    On the Lake

    On Minnewashta Lake, you can have fun boating, swimming, fishing, kayaking, or canoeing on the blue waters. The lake has boat access, trails, public restrooms, camping areas, a boat ramp, and perfect shorelines for fishing or walking.

    The fish species that anglers enjoy hooking are black bullhead, black crappie, channel catfish, largemouth bass, muskellunge, northern pike, walleye, white bass, white crappie, and yellow perch.

    There are several wildlife areas and state game management areas for residents and visitors to hike, bike, explore, nature watch, and enjoy their time on the water.

    Nearby Fun

    Because of the high density of lakes near Minnewashta Lake, there are many restaurants, entertainment, local businesses, and convenience stores.

    Make time to have fun at the Arnolds Park Amusement Park and Iowa Great Lakes Maritime Museum.

    Live on Iowa's Great Lakes

    Whether you are looking to buy a family home, a full-time retirement residence, or a vacation rental, Minnewashta Lake is an excellent choice.