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Holland Lake


Holland Lake, Montana

The Holland Lake real estate market is a tight inventory marketplace for lake property in Montana.

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About Holland Lake
Missoula County, Montana

Holland Lake is less than a 20-minute drive from Condon, Montana, and isn't far from the Missoula International Airport and the St. Luke Community Hospital. Residents can also visit the nearby Southgate Mall and various local restaurants, such as the BBQ Pit.

Small Wonder

Spanning 413 acres, Holland Lake is the perfect place to kick back and relax.

Fun on the Water

There is plenty for residents to do on Holland Lake. Residents can swim or boat around the lake, and anglers will love the local populations of trout and whitefish.

Visit Beautiful Condon

Those looking for fun off the water can visit the nearby town of Condon, Montana.

One popular attraction is Morrell Falls, where visitors can hike the trails and relax by the beautiful falls. Another popular attraction is Rich Ranch, where visitors can take a fun, guided horseback riding tour.

Fun and Relaxing Lake Life

Those looking for the perfect blend of fun and relaxation will love living the lake life on Holland Lake.