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    About Lake Minnetonka Area
    Part of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Metro Area

    Minnetonka Lake and its surrounding cities are proud to be part of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Metro Area.

    Downtown Minneapolis is just 25 miles east of Lake Minnetonka. People come to the city for its excellent shopping, dining, and nightlife. It also houses an international airport and several major hospitals.

    So close to the twin cities, Minnetonka Lake attracts wealthy businesspeople and celebrities thanks to the luxurious lake lifestyle. There are several other lakes around Minnetonka that appeal to every price range.

    One of Minnesota’s Largest Lakes

    Minnetonka Lake covers an impressive 14,000 acres, making it the largest lake in the metro area. Its many bays, inlets, and branches give it over 100 miles of shoreline.

    Before it became the recreational paradise it is today; it was habited by the Sioux, Dakota, Ojibwa, Cheyenne, and Iowa Indians. The name “Minnetonka” came from the Sioux Indian language, meaning “big waters.”

    If you are looking for a good time, boat out to the “Big Island” to join hundreds of other boaters that are swimming, listening to music, and enjoying the water.

    Other lake activities include water skiing, tubing, sailing, fishing, kayaking, and canoeing.

    Other Lakes and Towns

    Excelsior borders the waters of Minnetonka, where you will find charming shops, boutiques, eateries, ice cream parlors, and more. It hosts the best 4th of July Festival in the lake area. Its two beaches are the prime locations for watching the firework show.

    Wayzata is a more modern city that offers a beach, boat rentals, and the Wayzata Yacht Club.

    Hundreds of lakes lie beyond Minnetonka, where you can experience a more tranquil environment.

    Nearby Long Lake is much less developed but still hosts all of the fun activities. Nelson Lakeside Park features a beautiful beach, and its lakeside restaurant (Birch’s On the Lake Brewhouse & Supper Club) serves unbeatable meals.

    Eden Prairie offers a wide variety of shops, stores, and restaurants along with a stunning group of lakes. Mitchell Lake is one of its best, but you will find high-end neighborhoods around them all.

    Lake Life with Luxury

    The Minnetonka Lake Area boasts some of Minnesota’s most expensive real estate but still stands as one of the most welcoming places. Purchase property here to have the advantage of the state’s best lakes and largest city.