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Rhinelander / Ne Wisconsin Area, Wisconsin

Rhinelander / Ne Wisconsin Area real estate is considered a limited supply market for lake homes and lake lots in Wisconsin.

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    About Rhinelander / Ne Wisconsin Area
    About Rhinelander/NE Wisconsin Area

    Rhinelander, which has an estimated population of 7600 and serves as the retail center for northern Wisconsin and upper Michigan, is situated in Oneida County, in the heart of the Wisconsin Northwoods. Rhinelander's population increases to almost 20,000 when everyday workers and shoppers are considered. Rhinelander is big enough to offer wonderful year-round living situations and activities while still giving off the vibe of a small-town, welcoming community.

    Rhinelander is governed by a Mayor and an eight-member Council. The City offers a broad range of municipal services, including full-time police and fire protection, emergency medical services, water and sewer utilities, public works, parks, libraries, and general government operations. Visit Rhinelander's historic City Hall, which was constructed between 1908 and 1909. During the week, the City Hall operates from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


    The city was established in 1880 as a logging hub and was initially known as Pelican Rapids. Two years later, it was given the name Rhinelander in honor of F.W. Rhinelander, the president of the Milwaukee, Lake Shore, and Western Railway. After that, the city grew into a bustling year-round resort area hub. The economy is built on the manufacturing of wood goods, packaging paper, high-speed drills, potatoes, and cranberries in addition to tourism.

    What You Can Expect

    Several attractions may be found at the Pioneer Park Historical Complex, including museums, a recreation of a lumber camp, and the "Five Spot," the final narrow-gauge locomotive to operate in Wisconsin's North Woods in 1925. The facility also features a facsimile of a "hodag," an interesting creature that was allegedly formerly a resident of the region but was later revealed to be a photographic fabrication.

    With more than 230 lakes in the area, watersports and swimming are popular throughout the county. Adventure is everywhere in Rhinelander, from the miles of hiking trails with breathtaking views to the slopes perfect for skiing in the winter. You can find some of the best restaurants in the area in the heart of Rhinelander. Enjoy everything from soups and sandwiches to burgers.

    The annual "Art Fair on the Courthouse Lawn" coincides with the Rhinelander Car Show, which attracts over 150 vehicles. Beautiful works by regional photographers, painters, and mixed media artists are displayed at the art fair. The whole family will enjoy these two events.

    There is something for everyone in Rhinelander. Here, you can locate the home of your dreams, whether you're searching for a place to unwind or have fun!