Crescent Lake - Crescent


Crescent Lake - Crescent, Wisconsin

The Crescent Lake - Crescent real estate market is a limited supply marketplace for lake property in Wisconsin.

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    • Counties: Oneida County
      About Crescent Lake - Crescent
      Located in Oneida County, Wisconsin

      With 616 acres of water, a maximum depth of 32 feet, and plenty of water activities and outdoor attractions, Crescent Lake is a must-see destination in Wisconsin.

      Rhinelander - Oneida County Airport is only 4 miles away, and well-known medical centers like Marshfield and Howard Young are about 25 to 30 miles from the lake.

      Life on the Water

      The most popular fish species found in Crescent Lake include smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and northern pike.

      Popular water activities include fishing, boating, and paddling not just in Crescent Lake but in the majority of Oneida County lakes.

      What’s Nearby

      Oneida County has plenty to offer when it comes to activities, whether you’re young, old, or have a family.

      Enjoy a glass or bottle of wine at the Brigadoon Winery, watch a show at the famous Three Lakes Center for the Arts, or even watch a Lumberjack show at Scheer’s. You can even go square dancing at Levi and Lace Square Dance Club. There’s something for everyone.

      Nature-wise, Crescent Lake is close to all the natural hot spots. Take an easy stroll at the Rhinelander Riverwalk, ride a horse at the Holiday Stables, go on a snowmobile tour at Adventure North, go to watersports shows at Three Lakes, or even participate in water sports activities.

      For good beer close to the lake, take a sip at Rhinelander Brewing Company. For a gourmet burger experience, try out Big Daddy’s by the lake. For fresh hot pizza, scope out a local favorite called The Haven. There are plenty of dining options in Oneida County, but those are just a few fan favorites.

      Why Crescent Lake?

      There’s something for everyone here by Crescent Lake - whether that be the scenery, water, yummy food, or fish.