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White Bear Lake is the Lake Minnetonka of the Eastern Twin Cities. Just to the north of St. Paul, the lake boasts many estate-type lakeshore properties with owners names well established in the Twin Cities business circles.

At about 2,500 acres - and over ten foot water clarity - the lake is one of the Metro Area's best, and ideally suited for sailing because of its three mile long expanses. Adding to the draw are plenty of fine establishments in the downtown area bordering the lake, where you can kick back for a drink and a great meal after a stimulating day on the water.

Some homes along the lake date back more than 100 years, but much of the housing stock has been replaced over time. Like many older waterfront communities, there is an interesting blend of tiny lakeshore parcels, barely large enough to hold a structure, mixed in with expansive settings that were chosen by the original wealthiest residents.

Bald Eagle Lake is another popular lakeshore habitat within the White Bear Lake city limits. It draws muskie fisherman and water-skiers, alike, with its 1,200 acre size. Other smaller lakes in the area provide a wide variety of panoramas, from wildlife sanctuaries to busy sand beaches.

The Lino Lakes Area also hosts several recreational lakes just a few miles northwest of White Bear Lake, along with a few others that have been kept mostly for nature. Here, there is excellent access to either Minneapolis or St. Paul, as Lino Lakes sits between both major freeway arteries.

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