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If you are from Minnesota, you are probably already familiar with Red Lake. At 288,000 acres, the combined bodies of Upper Red Lake and Lower Red Lake form the second largest lake in the United States lying entirely within the country's boundaries. All of Lower Red Lake, and a little more than half of Upper Red Lake, is under the jurisdiction of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa. But lakefront property is available to purchase on the other 48,000 acres of Upper Red Lake, which includes the north and east side.

During the 1970s, Red Lake became an unbelievable walleye fishery, where they would literally jump into your boat. Just the scent of the minnow that was once on a hook was enough to get these ravenous fish to grab on, and millions of these undergrown delicacies went to the dinner table illegally.

In the early 1990s, the lake had had enough, and it was closed to walleye fishing for over a decade - until the population rebounded with the help of many agencies. A side benefit to this was a rapid proliferation in the numbers of large crappies, and the lake once again became a popular draw to anglers who loved catching large numbers of fish. Today, the lake seems to have captured a balance of sorts, with good numbers of walleyes, crappies and other species caught year-round.

Upper Red Lake has an ample supply of sand shoreline, making it a great place for swimming and water sports. However, because of its size and wide open expanse, it can be tough to get on the lake at times if the wind is blowing, so that is something you'll have to live with if you have a cabin here. But those fortunate enough to have lake property on Red will most likely have many more memories of incredible fishing and fun than they will of hanging out on shore waiting for the waves to die down. When they're biting, it just doesn't get much better than here!

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