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Tamiment Lake


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Tamiment Lake, Pennsylvania

Tamiment Lake real estate is considered a beautiful, but lesser known, market for lake homes and lake lots in Pennsylvania.

Tamiment Lake homes for sale have an average list price of $264,000, with many great homes at higher and lower prices.

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    • Counties: Pike County
      About Tamiment Lake
      Located in Pike County, Pennsylvania

      Tamiment Lake is located in an unincorporated community of the same name in Pike County, Pennsylvania. New York City is 89 miles southeast, and Philadelphia is 118 miles south.

      A Collection of Lakes

      Tamiment Lake is not one lake, but a collection of ponds known as First, Second, and Third Ponds in the Tamiment Township. The largest of these, Second Pond, is 81 acres in size, giving residents plenty of space to stretch out.

      A community is nestled on the shores between these lakes, known as the Glen at Tamiment. Many amenities are offered to residents of the Glen, such as a community center, a pool, tennis courts, and a playground.

      Lake Adventures

      Residents of Tamiment Lake can spend their time in several ways, such as swimming, boating, or kayaking. Anglers will be happy at the local populations of bass and bullhead.

      Adventures on Land

      If you’re wanting to get out of the water, take some time to explore nearby attractions. A popular destination for hikers is Tyler State Park, a beautiful park to enjoy the scenic views the Poconos have to offer. Another popular destination is Rose Bank Winery, where visitors can go on tours and wine tastings.

      Visit Scranton

      Scranton is situated in northeast Pennsylvania, just a half-hour northwest of Tamiment Lake. This place makes for a great day trip, where you can learn more about the Industrial Revolution and enjoy some great food.

      Scranton is nicknamed The Electric City. It received this name from the revolution of electric lights that began at the Dickson Manufacturing Company in 1880. The city then was the first place in the country to have electric-powered streetcars.

      The Steamtown National Historic Site is a free-to-enter park that catalogs the role of steam engines and the workers who maintained them in the American Industrial Revolution. This family-friendly site has an activity everyone will enjoy.

      The Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum is another excellent place to learn about the Industrial Revolution. Here, the focus is Pennsylvania's main export: coal. The museum narrates the ups and downs of workers and companies during this time.

      Try one of its many highly-rated eateries after a long day of fun in Scranton. Cooper's Seafood House, Backyard Ale House, Viewmont Diner, and Ipanema Grille are a selection of the diverse options available.

      Stay Awhile

      With so many things to do on and off Tamiment Lake, stay a while and see why residents fall in love with this community!