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Lake Minnetonka is the water body that everyone out here refers to as "the lake." There is no other one quite like it, and the east end of the lake is where you'll find names of property owners that have a familiar ring to them. From famous musicians to professional athletes - and descendents to some of America's most famous business families - all have chosen the magnificence of this area as their homes.

Wayzata is a unique shopping experience. This lakeside city draws those who enjoy the upscale offerings, both in retail and fine dining. Excelsior, a few miles across the lake to its south, has a more "hometown" feel. These communities both draw business from the barrage of boat traffic on the lake…and from those in other parts of the Twin Cities who just want to capture some of the social atmosphere.

The tranquil communities of Deephaven and Woodland are what they sound like: exclusive residential sanctuaries tucked between dense forests and the sprawling waters of Lake Minnetonka. Waterfront homes here can range from those of opulence, to abodes just large enough for a small family. The widely ranging housing mix is a character of the entire lake, carried through from its original resort days of the late 1,800s.

The east end of Lake Minnetonka is the most expensive when it comes to lakefront real estate. It's convenience to downtown Minneapolis certainly has an effect on that, but the water expanses here make for better yachting and sailing… for those who can afford both large waterfront homes and the boats to go with them. Also, the properties tend to be generally larger and more private than in the western bays of the lake.

Lake Minnetonka is not just a Twin Cities gem, but one recognized for its recreational attributes and unique characteristics throughout Minnesota, and beyond. Contact our local waterfront real estate experts for more information on lake homes on and around this great lake.


  • Deephaven
  • Excelsior
  • Long Lake
  • Minnetonka
  • Minnetonka Beach
  • Orono (East)
  • Wayzata
  • Woodland


  • Browns Bay
  • Carson Bay
  • Christmas Lake
  • Echo Bay
  • Galpin Lake
  • Gideon Bay
  • Grays Bay
  • Lafayette Bay
  • Lake William
  • Libbs Lake
  • Long Lake
  • Lower Lake
  • Robinson Bay
  • Shaver Lake
  • Silver Lake
  • Smith Bay
  • St. Albans Bay
  • Wayzata Bay

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