About Duluth Area
Stunning Lake Area with Convenience to Duluth

On the shore of Lake Superior, Duluth is one of Minnesota’s most prized destinations. The city boasts a stunning downtown along with charming lakeside neighborhoods.

Duluth is home to many exciting attractions along with the Duluth International Airport and a selection of hospitals.

Other lakes of the region can feel more private and secluded without being too far from the city.

Grand Lake Superior

Lake Superior covers a massive 20,288,000 acres making it the largest freshwater lake in the world. Duluth is lucky enough to claim the lake’s westernmost point and also serves as a port city.

Duluth’s downtown Lakewalk is the perfect way to enjoy the sights of the city and the water. Past the town, you will find Brighton Beach that features more natural landscapes.

While the water is too cool for comfort, people enjoy the lakeside beaches and cliffs for photo taking, picnicking, and relaxing with a picturesque backdrop.

Other Lakes of the Area

Island Lake Reservoir is a beautiful expanse covering over 8,000 acres. The waters sit just a few miles north of Duluth in Fredenburg.

The large body of water is excellent for speed boating, pontooning, water skiing, and tubing.

Island Lake’s many islands, inlets, and peninsulas are fun to explore by kayak or canoe and make great quiet spots for anglers.

Pike Lake is a more developed lake environment where many people reside year-round. Residents enjoy boating, fishing, and swimming all about the summer.

Caribou Lake, Whiteface Reservoir, Fish Lake Reservoir, Nichols Lake, and Thompson Lake are other sizable lakes.

Events and Attractions

Some of Duluth’s best attractions are the Spirit Mountain Recreation & Ski Area, Great Lakes Aquarium, Jay Cooke State Park, Lake Superior Zoo, and the North Shore Scenic Railroad.

The north shore area is home to the famous Superior Hiking Trail that runs for 29 miles, even Canada, located along a migratory path, and the trail is a must for bird watchers.

Some of the city’s annual events include Taste of Duluth, City on the Hill Music Fest, City of Duluth 4th Fest, Oktoberfestival, and City of Lights.

Unbeatable Lake Property

With access to Duluth, Lake Superior, and a wealth of other lakes, this region is an excellent place for a family home, weekend getaway, or a place to retire.