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Morcom Lake - Ellsburg Twp


Morcom Lake - Ellsburg Twp, Minnesota

Located in Minnesota, Morcom Lake - Ellsburg Twp real estate is a tight inventory market in the state for lake homes and lake lots.

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  • 4Mi. of Shoreline
  • 5Avg. Depth
  • 6Deepest Depth
  • Ownership
  • Acreage
  • Water Level
    Full Pool Year Round
  • Counties: Saint Louis County
  • Fish: Black Crappie, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike
  • Permit is not required to use the lake.
  • Jet skis are not allowed.
  • Motorized boats are not allowed.
  • Houseboats are not allowed.
  • Boating restrictions (Yes). -- No motors
  • Dock restrictions (No).
(218) 471-1800
239 McKinley Ave, Eveleth, MN 55734
Eveleth, MN 55734
Eveleth - Virginia Airport
4280 Miller Trunk Rd, Eveleth, MN 55734
19 miles away
Stahlberg - Mohr Airport - 3MN1
4381 Baker Rd, Iron Junction, MN 55751
25 miles away
    About Morcom Lake - Ellsburg Twp
    A Small, Quiet Lake

    Morcom Lake is a 205-acre lake with an average depth of 4 feet located in Ellsburg Township, Minnesota. This lake is lightly developed, with less than 10 houses dotting its shoreline. Morcom is around 30 minutes south of Eveleth, MN, and around an hour north of Duluth, MN. Eveleth is the closest place to buy groceries and gas. The Duluth International Airport is a little over 50 minutes south, just outside of Duluth. The Fairview Range Medical Center is about 45 minutes northwest in Hibbing, MN.

    What’s There to Do On the Water?

    Fishing reports indicate that Morcom is an excellent fishing destination. The most common species on Morcom are black bullhead, northern pike, bluegill, black crappie, yellow perch, and more. The shallow depths of Morcom make it a non-ideal location for boating. A public ramp is available off of Morcom Lake Forest Management Road. This ramp is a great point for launching a kayak or canoe, as you can explore the lake or Paleface Creek. If you’re looking for a public lake that does have proper depth and a ramp for your boat, then try nearby options like Murphy’s Lake or Strand Lake.

    What’s Near Morcom Lake?

    The Sax Zim Bog is one of the best places in the country for bird spotting! This mishmash of biomes creates the perfect recipe for many highly sought-after species. A brief list of the birds you will see here are Great Gray Owl, Black-backed Woodpecker, Boreal Chickadee, Canada Jay, and more. When you get hungry and don’t want to cook, try restaurants in Eveleth like Mary’s Morsels & Catering, Boomtown Woodfire Bar & Grill, and Snicker’s Pizza Shop. A couple of minutes outside of Eveleth is Leonidas Overlook! This scenic spot gives visitors a picturesque glimpse into the layout of Minnesota’s Iron Range.

    Why Morcom Lake?

    This remote location and all of its amenities are the perfect match for the avid outdoorsman!