Warm Lake


Warm Lake, Idaho

The Warm Lake real estate market is a beautiful, but lesser known, marketplace for lake property in Idaho.

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    About Warm Lake
    Valley County, Idaho

    Warm Lake Idaho is located just 26 miles east of the Cascade in Valley County, Idaho. The approximate size of Warm Lake is 640 acres and is considered to be the “largest national lake in Boise Idaho National Forest.”

    The lake is highly popular due to its access features to boating, fishing, swimming, hiking, and wildlife observing that all visitors can enjoy. For fishing purposes, Warm Lake is great for catching cutthroat, rainbow, lake, and bull trout.

    Whether you are wanting to plan a weekend camping trip or enjoy a nice afternoon, Warm Lake is a perfect location for you.

    Nearby Attractions

    Some nearby attractions are the North Shore Lodge and Resort, Shoreline, Warm Lake Shoreline Campgrounds, and Trail Creek Hotsprings. Each of these attractions is a perfect tourist destination for you and the family to stop by and check out.

    Visit a City

    Cascade, Idaho is one of the two closest cities to Warm Lake. Cascade is a rural city and great for outdoor lovers to enjoy.

    Restaurants around the area are located in Cascade and McCall. In McCall, local favorites are Ruby Kitchen and Rupert’s Restaurant which are both rated four stars and higher. In Cascade, local favorites are Lakefront Bar and Grill, Whistle Stop, and Gramma’s Restaurant.

    Boise, Idaho is the capital and is approximately two and a half hours away from Warm Lake. Explore the scenic routes and visit the world-famous Hot Springs. Take tours of the art galleries and museums to immerse yourself in the history and culture of the city, or simply enjoy some fun with action sports, parks, and delicious culinary creations downtown.

    The Cascade Medical Center is located just 27 miles south of Warm Lake. St. Luke’s McCall Medical Center is located 54 miles north of Warm Lake. The closest international airport to Warm Lake is the Boise Airport situated approximately two and a half hours away.

    Excellent Location for a Lake Home

    Whether you are in search of a full-time family home, full-time retirement home, or looking for a family vacation home, Warm Lake is a great choice.