McArthur Lake


McArthur Lake, Idaho

McArthur Lake real estate is considered a top twenty market for lake homes and lake lots in Idaho.

McArthur Lake homes for sale have an average list price of $260,000, with many great homes at higher and lower prices.

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    About McArthur Lake
    Location and Access

    Located in Boundary County, Idaho, McArthur Lake is considered a reservoir that covers approximately 600 acres. It is in the McArthur Lake Wildlife Corridor, which is a route between the Selkirk and Cabinet mountains.

    Sandpoint is around 30 minutes away and Coeur d'Alene is a little over an hour away. The Spokane International Airport is 93.1 miles away in Washington, and the Boundary Community Hospital is 15.6 miles away.

    Wildlife Management

    McArthur Lake and the surrounding areas are rich in animal life that is protected by the McArthur Lake Wildlife Management Area. Due to the diverse wildlife, this lake is highly popular amongst hunters and anglers. Its features of being a shallow lake with marshes and upland forest and meadows provide a great habitat for the animals and the hunters and fishermen.

    Recreational Opportunities

    During the summertime, McArthur Lake is a popular fishing spot for certain fish species such as yellow perch, sunfish, largemouth bass, brook trout, rainbow trout, and pumpkinseed.

    Residents can enjoy boating opportunities with scenic views and hiking trails that are located on the northern end of the lake.

    The lake is open year-round to the public who want to utilize the outdoor recreational activities McArthur Lake offers. Motorized boating is allowed, however, due to the shallowness of the lake, canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards are the preferred way to navigate better around the area.

    Excellent Choice for a Lake Home

    Whether you are looking for a family home, a full-time retirement home, or a vacation home, McArthur Lake is an excellent choice.