Lee Lake


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Lee Lake, Idaho

Located in Idaho, Lee Lake real estate is a beautiful, but lesser known, market in the state for lake homes and lake lots.

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    About Lee Lake
    Location and Access

    If you are someone who enjoys their privacy and peaceful surroundings, then Lee Lake, Idaho is a perfect fit for you. This lake is 4.8 acres in size and grants you the ideal quiet and fishing-friendly lake you are looking for.

    The lake is located near Coolin, Idaho, just an hour from Sandpoint. The Spokane International Airport is 90.5 miles away for easy traveling, and the Newport Hospital & Health Services in Washington is 35.9 miles away for close medical care.

    On the Water

    The types of fish expected to be found here are catch and release largemouth and smallmouth bass that are open year-round.

    This gorgeous lake with all-around scenic views is great for whichever outdoor activity intrigues you the most.

    Nearby Attractions

    Just a short drive away, there is Sherwood Beach, various parks, and delicious restaurants for you to enjoy.

    Sherwood Beach is in the Idaho panhandle and ensures family fun to appreciate a nice day outside.

    Coolin Park is near Priest Lake but not far from Lee Lake. The area is children-friendly where they can have fun hiking or biking the trails and camping out.

    A Good Choice for You

    If you are looking for a private and peaceful place to call home or even a second home, Lee Lake is perfect for you. The quiet surrounding area will draw you in for the relaxing lake home feeling.