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Northern Hennepin County begins in Minneapolis and changes to an area rich with rural character as you travel west and northwest to places like Dayton, Hassan and Greenfield. All along the paths you will find lakes barely large enough for skipping stones, to those with incredible recreational opportunities. Medicine Lake real estate, just minutes from downtown, is always in high demand because of the lake's size at over 800 acres, and its short distance to the skyscrapers.

Just to the north of Medicine, in Plymouth and Maple Grove, is another concentration of recreational lakes in the 150-500 acre range. These are great water-skiing bodies, and they have good access to many parts of the Twin Cities as several main arteries cross through this region.

If riverfront property is your wish, then Hennepin County may have just what you need. The entire northern border of the county is made up of the Mississippi River and the Crow River. Through Rockford, Dayton, Champlin and Brooklyn Center, there are thousands of riverfront homes in both high density and rural settings with easy access to downtown.

The western edges of Hennepin County are home to two more or the county's larger recreational lakes. Lake Independence and Lake Sarah provide an abundance of fishing, sailing, and all around recreation throughout the year. Many of the properties here have somewhat larger lots and a distinctively rural atmosphere.

You will find many more small water bodies all around the county from Golden Valley to Medina. Just contact one of our local real estate experts to help you with your needs.


  • Brooklyn Center
  • Brooklyn Park
  • Champlin
  • Crystal
  • Dayton
  • Golden Valley
  • Hassan
  • Independence
  • Maple Grove
  • Maple Plain
  • Medina
  • Minneapolis
  • New Hope
  • Plymouth
  • Rogers


  • Bass Lake
  • Cedar Island Lake
  • Cowley Lake
  • Crow River
  • Crystal Lake
  • Diamond Lake
  • Eagle Lake
  • Fish Lake
  • French Lake
  • Gleason Lake
  • Goose Lake
  • Hadley Lake
  • Haften Lake
  • Halfmoon Lake
  • Haughey Lake
  • Hayden Lake
  • Henry Lake
  • Holy Name Lake
  • Jubert Lake
  • Katrina Lake
  • Lake Classen
  • Lake Edward
  • Lake Independence
  • Lake Rebecca
  • Lake Sarah
  • Laura Lake
  • Lemans Lake
  • Lost Lake
  • Lydiard Lake
  • Meadow Lake
  • Medicine Lake
  • Mississippi River
  • Mooney Lake
  • Mud Lake
  • North Twin Lake
  • Parkers Lake
  • Peter Lake
  • Pike Lake
  • Pomerleau Lake
  • Powers Lake
  • Prairie Lake
  • Rice Lake
  • Robina Lake
  • Schendel Lake
  • Schwauppauff Lake
  • Spurzen Lake
  • Sweeney Lake
  • Sylvan Lake
  • Twin Lake
  • Twin Lakes
  • Weaver Lake
  • Wirth Lake
  • Wolsfeld Lake

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