Duluth Area of Lake Superior, Minnesota

About the Area

Duluth, Minnesota has a unique presence about it. It is a city - as cities go - but it is more of a small town. With a population of just over 80,000 residents, it remains easy to get around and enjoy the great lifestyle and limitless outdoor activities offered here.

Positioned at the westernmost tip of the Great Lakes, Duluth is a busy seaport…and a top tourist destination. It is especially popular with Minnesota residents who want a mini-vacation filled with unique shopping and great waterfront restaurants. Canal Park if a favorite shopping destination and hangout for both locals and visitors. And with several newer hotels along the shore, neverending views of the lake can be had from your waterfront room.

Duluth, itself, has limited lakefront real estate on the shores of Lake Superior. Tightly spaced beachfront homes create a close-knit neighborhood along Park Point just east of Canal Park, in a fashion more commonly seen in oceanfront communities of the Southern United States. Along the North Shore, on the north end of Duluth, you will find an array of mostly older, classic waterfront homes on highly desirable lake property. But if you will settle for magificent views of the water instead of having frontage on it, you will find thousands of homes along the hillside with the big lake as their daily scene.

Recently, there has been more development along the Lake Superior shoreline, as luxury condo complexes have begun to take shape. Those who want great access to downtown, and waterfront panoramas like nowhere else in Minnesota, have been attracted to this new wave of living in the Duluth Area.

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  • New Duluth
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