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When most people think of Duluth they automatically picture Lake Superior. If you have visited here, the image of this massive lake engulfing nearly every homeowner's view along the rambling hillsides is what first comes to mind. The lake is extremely panoramic and great for many types of recreational activities…when the weather is nice!

But there is another part of Duluth that is also water-filled with large reservoirs just to the west and north of the main city, and these lakes tend to be a little easier to boat on during windy days. Here you will find a wide variety of lake homes and cabins, many as year-round residences to those who work downtown. Travel times range from about fifteen minutes to around a half hour for most of the lake properties in this main cluster, on lakes such as Fish Lake, Island Lake, Pike Lake, Caribou Lake and Schultz Lake, to name a few.

Several of the larger water bodies are managed by Minnesota Power, and a good portion of the properties on them are leased for up to 25 year terms. Although some types of leases on land in other areas can be quite limiting, local residents have built extravagant homes along the shores of Island Lake and Fish Lake on land governed by these leases, not real concerned about any future desire the company may have to eliminate them. They, and the lenders who have financed them, feel comfortable that these terms will continue on many years into the future. There is also a fair supply of private parcels on these reservoirs and other lakes surrounding them that are outside of the reservoir system.

As you travel north past these lakes there is nearly an instant change in the scenery - almost like Northern Minnesota has grabbed you from the grips of civilization. These reservoirs look similar to “up north” lakes with rocks and islands, unlike those with sand and soil shoreline in areas south of here. The forests here are dense, and it is amazing how fast this wilderness sensation overtakes you with Duluth just a few miles back in your rearview mirror. You will find lakeshore properties and a wide variety of larger acreage parcels across this entire area of St. Louis County north of Duluth, from Highway 53 on the west to the Lake County Border on the east.

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  • Alborn
  • Badin
  • Brimson
  • Canyon
  • Communities
  • Cotton
  • Culver
  • Harnell
  • Independence
  • Island Lake
  • Munger
  • Park
  • Prosit
  • Rollins
  • Saginaw


  • Aerie Lake
  • Alden Lake
  • Artichoke Lake
  • Barrs Lake
  • Bear Lake
  • Boulder Lake
  • Boyer Lake
  • Brown Lake
  • Cameron Lake
  • Caribou Lake
  • Clearwater Lake
  • Cloquet River
  • Cooks Lake
  • Crooked Lake
  • Deepwater Lake
  • Dodo Lake
  • Eagle Lake
  • Eier Lake
  • Fish Lake
  • George Lake
  • Grand Lake
  • Harris Lake
  • Horseshoe Lake
  • Island Lake
  • Jacobs Lake
  • Kauppi Lake
  • King Lake
  • Leora Lake
  • Lieung Lake
  • Little Grand Lake
  • Maple Leaf Lake
  • Mirror Lake
  • Morcom Lake
  • Otto Lake
  • Paradise Lake
  • Pequayan Lake
  • Pike Lake
  • Rose Lake
  • Round Lake
  • Salo Lake
  • Schelin Lake
  • Schisler Lake
  • Smith Lake
  • Stone Lake
  • Strand Lake
  • Sunshine Lake
  • Thompson Lake
  • Whitchel Lake
  • White Lake
  • Whiteface River
  • Wild Rice Lake
  • Wilson Lake
  • Winkle Lake
  • Wolf Lake

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