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The Cass Lake Chain of Lakes is comprised of eight major water bodies - and the Mississippi River - with about 26,000 acres of surface area, bordering the community of Cass Lake. Set between the major Northern Minnesota cities of Bemidji and Grand Rapids, the area still has a remote makeup, with mainly lake cabins and resorts along its shores - and also plenty of untouched, forested lands to provide an ample supply of up north scenery. However, there are also many gorgeous lake homes where residents are fortunate enough to make this their year-round habitat.

As one of the top muskie and walleye lakes in Minnesota, it is a favorite for serious anglers. Second only to Leech Lake in its annual muskie production, you will find many of the cabins around the lake chain owned by fishermen - and women - who are addicted to chasing these monstrous fish.

Cass Lake, which is the largest of the lakes on the chain, is alone nearly 16,000 acres. With depths of up to 120 feet and plenty of sand beaches, it has great water quality and plenty of attractive waterfront properties with expansive views. The other lakes that make up the Cass Lake Chain are Pike Bay, Lake Andrusia, Big Wolf Lake, Buck Lake, Kitchi Lake, Big Rice Lake and Little Rice Lake. You will find several resorts and dining establishments along the water that can give you a pit-stop from the incredible boating and recreation on this massive waterway.

Within a few miles of the chain, there are several other lakes between 1,000 and 4,000 acres that offer great opportunities for lakeshore real estate and fantastic water-sports. Steamboat Lake, Big Lake, Pimushe Lake, and Moose Lake are some of the ones in this category. And within ten miles to the east or south you can venture onto some of Minnesota's really big water in the way of Lake Winnibigoshish (Big Winnie) at 56,000 acres, or Leech Lake at over 100,000 acres.

Lake property owners always seem to love lake chains to give them the best boating pleasure and an interesting variety of scenery. In Minnesota, there aren't many better than the Cass Lake Chain to fulfill this desire. Get in touch with us or one of our local real estate specialists to get more information on the Cass Lake area and its available waterfront real estate.


  • Cass Lake
  • Farris
  • Guthrie
  • Pennington
  • Portage Lake
  • Ryan Village
  • Schley


  • Big Lake
  • Big Rice Lake
  • Blue Sky Lake
  • Bowman Lake
  • Buck Lake
  • Bullhead Lake
  • Covering Cass Lake
  • Drewery Lake
  • Grass Lake
  • Hessie Lake
  • Jessie Lake
  • Kitchi Lake
  • Lake Andrusia
  • Lake Flora
  • Lake Swenson
  • Lake Thirteen
  • Little Lost Lake
  • Little Moose Lake
  • Little Pimushe Lake
  • Little Rice Lake
  • Little Twin Lake
  • Little Wolf Lake
  • Lost Lake
  • Lower Sucker Lake
  • Luck Lake
  • Lydick Lake
  • McDonald Lake
  • Middle Sucker Lake
  • Midge Lake
  • Mississippi River
  • Moose Lake
  • Moss Lake
  • Mud Lake
  • Pike Bay
  • Pimushe Lake
  • Popple Lake
  • Portage Lake
  • Pug Hole Lake
  • Schram Lake
  • Silver Lake
  • Spike Lake
  • Steamboat Lake
  • Stocking Lake
  • Ten Lake
  • Ten Section Lake
  • Twin Lake
  • Upper Sucker Lake
  • Wolf Lake

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